Brooklyn’s Does The Royal Shuffle


The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is finally here. And it's amazing. This week-old establishment is already on its way to becoming a Brooklyn institution (this jinx notwithstanding), and last night, they welcomed the best of Brooklyn Yelp into their gorgeous, sprawling space for for an evening of fun. With Luke's Lobster serving from their built-in food truck bay, nearby favorites Taco Santo and Dinosaur BBQ slanging samples, Tito's Handmade Vodka spiking the Royal Palms's excellent cocktail offerings, and Sweetbooths kicking it up a notch with their brand of photo fun, it was a fantastic time. Most importantly, it was a chance for NYC yelpers to get out on the courts and slang some biscuits. Be sure to peep the reviews and photos for a tasty lil' rewind, and read on for more details (and the photobooth deets)!


On normal nights, the Royal Palms will offer up a rotating selection of NYC's finest food trucks. Luke's Lobster will be one of them, and last night they served up the "best shrimp roll" Ingrid S has ever had. "Nice and buttery toast with a generous heaping of fresh seafood." If you plan to eat before shuffling it up, around the corner you can find Taco Santo's fried avocado taco (and many more) that Alan L calls "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! That had to be the best damn avocado I ever tasted. And of course, a couple doors down is Dinosaur BBQ, who served up " juicy and succulent pulled pork sliders that were great for lining the stomach for those drinks in mason jars."


And you've gotta get the baseline going, because Deoroop M knows the "NUMBER ONE RULE: Drink in one hand, shuffle with the other." He'll be back "with a group of friends who want to shuffle it up under the influence of A LOT of alcohol," and you can't do better than Tito's Handmade Vodka! Cynthia P swears "the drinks were fantastic, and I'm excited to see that the Shuffleboard Bob is a regular drink on their menu (because you know I've already planned returns trips with foursomes of friends)."

C3Briana H was "was majorly impressed by the Royal Palms itself. The robin's egg blue lanes and the cabana-like booths in the back put you in mind of an old resort.  With a tangy Floyd Swem in hand, I could squint and pretend I was in Key West." So scoot over and shuffle it up so you can forget about this seemingly endless winter (peppered with polar vortex after polar vortex); it's one of a kind.

A huge thanks goes out to Ashley and Jonathan, the brains behind this new Brooklyn gem. This is one of those days that I feel so lucky to do what I do, because it is an absolute pleasure to work with such good-hearted people that have the vision and the passion to bring something of this scale to our corner of the world. Also, thank you to Tim, Jericho, Tony, Aubrey, Alex the rest of the amazing staff at the Royal Palms for welcoming us with such open arms.


If you haven't been to the Royal Palms yet, get over there and grab a tang! Peep those photos from Melanie Fidler (and the Sweetbooths shots, password: 'royal palms') if you're on the fence, and I'll see you over there.

Peter D and the Yelp NYC Team