Yelp London Screws It’s New Years’ Resolutions at Pho


New Year’s Resolutions are a fantastic way to compile the past year and ponder what’s to come next. They give us a chance to reflect on the things we’ve done and how to make us the best possible people we can be for the future. They are hopes, dreams, and desires of a brighter tomorrow…

But sometimes you’ve just got to say, “Aw, screw it” and go a little crazy. And that’s just what we did at our Screw Your New Year’s Resolutions party.


London yelpers came to Pho in Angel for a night of light debauchery. There was ever-flowing cocktails, amazing fried food and cavorting with the other local sinners. Truly a night to be remembered.

“Never before have I felt so lavishly spoiled at a Yelp event as at Pho. This was a fine gathering of people and an amazing display of Pho's food and drink,” Alan S wrote.


Yelpers were ushered into the new red cocktail lounge. The drinks started coming at once, from red and white wine, Asian beers and Phojitos made with Nep Phu Loc, or a clear rice spirit – Pho is the only place in London to use this alcohol in their drinks, so quite the treat.

Drinking obviously works up an appetite and there was platter after platter of delicious Vietnamese eats, from spring rolls, summer rolls, fried meatballs and muc chien gion, or fried baby squid with a salt, pepper & lime dip. “Once again Yelp has introduced me to a new cuisine that I would not have normally tried,” Meena L told us. “I incorrectly thought that the food was all noodles and veg. I was proved wrong.”


Each yelper then left with a Pho To Go, or a dish separated into two containers – one for the broth and one for the noodles and veggies. Josy A ate it up: “The take-away pho was a brilliant way to finish the night! Even after a 20 minute bus journey and 10 minute walk home, my pho was hot and really tasty. I love the way they pop the noodles and toppings in a lunch box, and the soup in a separate container to prevent overly smoodgy noodles before you are ready to eat them. Clever!”

“What a way to launch 2014!” Yee Gan O celebrated. “Our esteemed London CM, Alex S and the London Yelp team kicked off the year in style tonight. The downside was that true to the name of the event, quite a few New Year food resolutions were surely blown away”

That’s what happens at a Screw Your Resolutions party. But don’t just take our word for it. You can read all the reviews right here as well as check out all the pics by Elad Itzkin on the Official Yelp Flickr Page.


Bring on 2014!

Alex S, Yelp London Community Director