Yelp Elite Squad 2014: Welcoming the newbs and the 10-year vets

Every day millions of people around the world use Yelp to discover great local businesses. When the realization hits that they can also share their own experiences through Yelp, many start writing reviews and become members of our community of engaged locals; some may even be selected to join the Yelp Elite Squad.

While there are thousands of Yelp Elites across the 24 countries where Yelp has a presence, there are some who have been a part of the Elite Squad since the very beginning, with 2014 marking their 10th year of Elite-dom!

Every year Yelp Elites receive a new badge on their profile to not only proudly display their commitment to the Yelp community, but also so other users can see how long they’ve been Yelping it up. For the Yelp Elites that are celebrating their 10th year on the Elite Squad, a shiny, new black badge now graces their profile pages.

A decade of Elite-worthy behavior is no small feat. In the process of exploring their communities and sharing that local knowledge on Yelp, these Elites have racked up some serious cred. Take Jordan N. in Miami, for example. Yelping since August 2005, Jordan embodies the true spirit of Yelp, helping his community discover new hidden gems with 718 firsts (meaning he was the first to review those businesses) and 1,578 reviews of businesses ranging from caterers to bookstores to landmarks and historic buildings, and, of course, restaurants. Take a look at his list of parks in Miami for 16 spots to soak up some Floridian sunshine in the great outdoors. With 3,771 useful votes on his reviews, it’s obvious Jordan’s local expertise is helping others discover the best of Miami.

Jordan N. Yelp

Jordan N., Miami Elite Yelper

For those of you that are newly minted 2014 Yelp Elites, congratulations! We can’t wait to hear about the places you discover. We made a little video – narrated by one of Yelp’s most tenured employees (after the CEO himself) and fellow black badge Elite Jessica T. – to introduce you to the wonderful world of the Yelp Elite Squad, and many of the acronyms you will come to know and love. As the Yelp community continues to grow and develop in countries around the world, we look forward to welcoming many more Elites to the 10-year club. Want to be a part of something awesome? Nominate yourself or someone you know at