Yelp Birmingham’s January Detox at the Warehouse Cafe

According to statistics, only 8% of us actually keep to our New Years Resolutions! 30 Yelp Birmingham Elites (and honoured guests) kicked 2014 into gear with an evening at The Warehouse Cafe to learn about eating well, living healthily and generally having a good ole' time. 

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After entering this superb "hidden gem" of a venue, the Yelpers were given their unique name tags and gifts before catching up with the new year gossip. It wasn't long before our hosts bought around platters (complete with napkin swans) of bruschetta with carrot houmous and pomegranite. The guests were then treated to homemade thyme lemonade; with or without a boozy addition! After all, as Anthony (Co-Owner of The Warehouse Cafe stated) "How can you Detox if you haven't Retoxed?"

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Once everyone had caught up (and congratulated the super new Birmingham Elites Simone R. and Erica G.), it was time to get down to business! With 30 guests and 4 activities to get through, groups were formulated and sent to their first action packed station.

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The Warehouse Cafe is renown for using a range of different ingrediants to create unique and delicious vegetarian and vegan food. As a treat for the Yelpers, they were taught how to make their own natural tea bags using herbs, fruit and spices. Anthony expertly guided the group through the flavours, qualities and health benefits of the different ingrediants on offer, before making everyone jump by smacking the muslin bags (to release the scents, you see?). 

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Next up: Smoothie Making! Chef Rob guided the Yelpers through the "do's and don'ts" of creating a delicious and detoxifying smoothie. After a brief verbal guide, the blending began! Many of the Yelpers were surprised at some of the chosen ingrediants, but were willing to give it a try. Natalie S. enjoyed the experience so much, she was "inspired to try out some of these healthy ideas at home."

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After two activities, it was time for a rest, a chat and some food. The Warehouse Cafe had provided a whole healthy range of food to give a go. Harpreet R. (a cautious vegetrian) daringly tasted something new, "I've always been a bit hesitant about trying wheat grain and millet, after seeing a botch job on 'come dine with me'.  However I was pleasantly surprised… who says vegan food can't be varied and tasty!". Who does indeed, Harpreet?

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With their bellies full and smiles on their faces, it was once again time to change places. Although not technically renowned for it's "detoxing" qualities, Mark from The Two Towers Brewery guided the Yelpers through the vegan brewing process and the unique origins of each ale. Yadwinder R. enjoyed all of the activities, but particularly favoured "sampling some awesome ales from Two Towers Brewery, with very unusual names – all with a Birmingham twist."

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Want to know what to do with those old Christmas cards? How about creating an origami whale or a flapping crane? The Yelpers had a "whale of a time" making bunting and origami with the wonderful crafty Carla. Dan G. gave it a good go, but in the end his "origami crane ended up looking more like a hybrid hummingbird/pteradactyl." Erica G. didn't have much luck either "Although I was RIDICULOUSLY bad at the origami, (yes, still) the funny and friendly Carla instructing made it fun with her quick sarcastic wit."

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Everyone took home their crafty upcycles, plenty of Yelpy Schwag and a new perogative to make their own healthy food and drinks at home. Manoj K. summarised the evening, "I can't believe that me and all the yelpers were able to make bunting and origami, learn how to make delicious smoothies, sample beers and hear all about Two Towers brewery, create lots of healthy tea bags and eat lots of delicious food all in one event!"

We couldn't have put it better ourselves. A huge thank you to Anthony, Carla, Rob and Marie of The Warehouse Cafe for putting on a great spread and Mark of Two Towers Brewery for bringing the delicious retoxing beer for Yelp Birmingham's "January Detox" event. Not forgetting a big thank you to all of the wonderful Birmingham Yelpers who came along, tried something new and were fabulous company!

But don't just take our word for it! Read what all the yelpers had to say right here, write your own review, have a look at all the photostalk about it and find The Warehouse cafe on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to find out more about Two Towers Brewery, why not look them up on Twitter too? 

Stay Healthy Birmingham!

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