Welcome to the Berlin Elite, Sir Yelposaurus Rex!


For our very first Elite Event in 2014 the Berliner Yelp Elites were invited to travel back in time – 150 million years to where the dinosaurs lived. From there we travelled into the years of 1909-1913, when intensive exvacation took place around the Tendaguru Mountains. They not only but also found the biggest dinosaur skeleton ever. This skeleton is where we actually met: at the Museum for Natural History in Berlin. We got an exclusive late night tour through the empty exhibition and bone cellar – no one there except us and the security guy. Followed by a meet & greet with the researchers and some wine and snacks between the enormous legs of the impressive Brachiosaurus brancai! For more about the event please read the reviews of the Berlin Yelp Elites and check out the flickr gallery!