Sacramento Elites Weather A Monsoon Of A Brunch!

There are few meals more enticing than an all-you-can-eat brunch, and that's exactly why we kicked off 2014 in style during Yelp's Monsoon of a Brunch at Monsoon Cuisine of India in the heart of downtown Sacramento. Close to 100 of our most active online contributors ventured down for a gathering filled with drinks, friends, music, prizes and oh yeah, plenty of food.

 Monsoon has long been known as one of the best Indian eateries in the Sacramento region. They recently revamped their midday menu to include a mouth-watering buffet of all you can eat delights for only $8.99. Our Elite guests got the perk of trying it all for free, along with a steadily-poured stream of $2 mimosas, margaritas and bloody mary's. Michelangelo S says his "taste buds are still exploding from all the goodness!"

This was the ultimate foodie event, as the selection of authentic Indian eats was extensive and replenished frequently. Choices included basmati rice, fresh fruits, chicken tikka masala, bone-in Tandoori chicken, peppery chicken curry, butter chicken and delicious vegetarian lentil dishes. "One of the best Indian buffets I've eaten at," shared Melissa B. "The rice is especially good, not just plain basmati rice – it has a hint of something delicious! And the naan! I could eat naan by itself all day, but dipped in the tikka masala sauce it's especially delectable. Finished everything off with a bowl of rice pudding, yum!"
The festivities closed with a raffle giveaway of Monsoon gift certificates. For those up to the challenge, shotskis featuring $2 shots of Fireball and Stoli were sucked down in record time for a chance to win $100 tickets to a rare beer tasting at the upcoming Art of Beer Invitational

Perhaps Tiffany N summed it all up the best: "With the tastefully done interior and chandeliers – and let's face it, a full bar doesn't hurt! – coupled with cheerful service and delicious food, I have a feeling I'm going to be back here very soon!" 

Special thanks to Manbir, the Monsoon staff and my assistants Ashley N and Eddie H for making this event the huge success it was! Visit our Flickr page for event photos, or get the in-depth scoop from our Elites themselves on the official event page!

See you all back there soon!
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Alex L
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