London’s Incr-Edible Event At ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’


There was so little to see, so much that didn't spectacularly amaze… Wait. Scratch that. Reverse it! London yelpers were invited to see the fantastic new West End musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a dazzling delight of sights and sounds on January 14, 2014. Afterwards, we were taken behind the scenes for a tour of the sets, costumes, props (many stamped with tiny 'W's for Wonka) and more. We got to see how the chocolate was made, but in no way did it make it less magical. Check out all the reviews for what Yelpers thought and the amazing photos by Elad Itzkin here on the official Flickr page here.

For more info on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, visit their website, Twitter or Facebook page.