Chicagoland’s Taco Takeover At Fire It Up!

Do you like tacos?
We thought so.
Do like these below-freezing temps?
We thought not.
Sounds like it's time to Fire It Up!

Fire It Up Taco Fusion Grill of Naperville is fresh with an edge. This family owned & operated restaurant focuses on locally grown produce, local and responsibly farmed proteins, and local craft beer and wine.

Yelp Chicago Burbs' Elite attendees got a taste of this food-truck-turned-storefront's finest and freshest tacos while washing it down with some of our favorite locally crafted beer from the likes of Solemn Oath and Two Brothers Breweries along with some spiced up red and white sangria.


Check out what Yelp Elites are raving about in just a few review highlights below!

"You think you know what tacos are, think again gringo because these are not your padre's tacos! No sir these are a whole new level of tacos that delight your boca with all kinds of flavor, pure goodness and love cooked in them." ~ Katheen M

"As soon as you finished one item someone came to take your plate and minutes later another one came.  I felt like I was on the Oprah show.  You get a taco, and you get a taco, and YOU get a taco!" ~ Jenni I

"Their steak taco w/spinach & green chili salsa. Oh my, I could go away for a weekend w/that green chili salsa." ~ Catherine P

"I especially appreciate the fact that we got to meet the kitchen staff. Knowing who makes your food is just as important as if not more important than knowing where the ingredients come from in my book." ~ Veronica X

"The finish was a brownie chimichanga.  Tiny bites, but just right for how full we all were.  The fudge tastes like my grandmas, and that's fantastic because its the best stuff I've ever had." ~ Jon F


A very special thanks to photographer & videographer Andres D, for heating thins up with endless talent and passion for all things foodie. You can check out all the magical moments (thanks to the swift click of Andres' camera) right HERE and the video right HERE.

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