Baltimore Elite Squad Gets Sneak Peek of Doobys New Dinner Entrees


The holidays can be a hectic time but nobody wants them to end! Yelp’s Holiday Hangover Cure at Dooby’s was the perfect way to 1. Show off that shiny new 2014 Elite badge 2. Relax and catch up with new and returning Elites and 3. Celebrate the New Year just one last time. Kojo B. mentions, “If this is an indicator of things to come, then 2014 from a Yelp standpoint we are off to a great start.”


 Dooby’s is the newest addition to the Mt. Vernon neighborhood with exposed brick walls and sleek white interior; Brooke T. finds this place “hip and totally fresh.” Only we got a first taste at Dooby’s new dinner and cocktail menu, lucky us! Yelpers were greeted at the door with a glass of Fish Bowl Punch made by their very own cocktail mixologists. Mixed with dark rum, cognac and apricot liqueur, Sha T. thought it made “the perfect mix to compliment our bites.”

 There was definitely enough food to go around, even seconds! Yelpers couldn’t get enough of the kickass Kimchi Short-rib Fried Rice and juicy Dooby’s Sliders. Lina S. loved how the Kung Pao Deviled Eggs were “so unique with their savory yet sweet peanut-infused filling and a little bit of a crunch from the chicken skin.” A favorite from the night was the Banh Mi Pork Belly bites. After all that, it was hard to leave room for dessert but who could pass up on the Damn Good Pie and Mexican Hot Chocolate! All Jarrod F. has to say is “SOOOOO GOOOOD.”


 Major props to Phil and the incredible staff at Dooby’s for making this event so awesome! “Phil not only helped out a bit in the kitchen, but was able to come on out and chat with us Yelpers, making sure everything was to our liking. That's a sign of good management and I have to give Dooby's and Phil extra props for that” we agree, Dan A.! The very talented Jon-Michael Moses Photography was in the building snapping these awesome pics. And, last but not least, MD Burbs Community Mike B. helped out to bring the Elites the party they deserved!


I know Elsa M. was sad she couldn’t make it but she was too busy… you know bringing a new baby Yelper into the world! No biggie for that superwoman 😉 Congrats again!

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Until next time… SYOY!



Brittany S. 

Yelp Baltimore Marketing Assistant