A Late Elite Night In LIC, Queens


January 15th marked a momentous occasion for the Queens Yelp community of NYC: The first event of 2014, Yelp's After Hours. And where did all 120 of attendees find themselves in the dead heat of the night? One of Long Island City's most celebrated establishments, Alobar. Yelpers from all communities had their way with eclectic foods that included smoked salmon squares, baked potato gnocchi, mushroom bisque, steak tartare crostinis, maple bacon popcorn, and skewers consisting of chicken hearts, brussel sprouts, and green apple slices. Libations included a specialty whisky cocktail and brews from Speakeasy Beer and Queens Brewery, courtesy of S.K.I. Beer. Read more about Yelp's After Hours Elite Event by checking out the official Talk Thread, reviews, and the photo gallery on Flickr.


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