Yelp’s VIP Menu Tasting @ Umi Star

Last year, Yelp Elite delighted in Umi Stars unique take on fusion fare only weeks after their opening, marking it one of our most memorable events of the year. Since then, Umi Star has made some exciting updates and they invited us back for another sneak peek into the latest and greatest in fresh fish and fusion creations. This time, a small group of Yelpers gathered for an exclusive new menu tasting!


In none other than Umi fashion, yelpers were treated to a diverse spread bursting with exotic flavors.


The Snapper– wrapped around rice, baked with a spicy garlic aioli, chili plum sauce

Spicy Ahi Crunch– off menu special  Umi2

Wasabi Dry Rub & Umi House Wings


Shrimp & Carnitas, local tortillas, red & green housemade salsa

Umi Rolls

Spicy Lobster-crab, spicy lobster, avocado, cucumber, spicy aioli, chili plum sauce, red panko flakes

Tropical Prawn– coconut shrimp, cucumber, topped with tuna, avocado, habanero mango sauce

Veggie Pop– roasted portabella, avocado, Kaiware, sea salt, togorashi basil & cilantro, wrapped in cucumber

Diablo– Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, topped with seared red pepper tuna, cilantro-jalapeño lime sauce


Sweets: Umi Churros-Chinese five spice with Nutella chocolate dipping sauce


more photos here.

"I applaud Chef Matt for creating a wonderful new menu that is both tasty and daring. We were served roll after roll, plate after plate, and drink after drink. The hospitality and eagerness to reinvent is palpable from everything we sampled," gushes Shijie F

When Umi Star hit the scene last year, it was primarily known as a sushi joint, but do not be mistaken, their menu makeover goes beyond sushi. Umi is making its mark in the local culinary scene with its Mexican-Asian Fusion inspired food ranging from sushi rolls to tacos, to wings and hot dogs. Their bar program is no slouch either. Their take on classic contemporary cocktails competes with the craft cocktail scene in Tucson. Yelper, Amanda D points out: "I'm from Tucson so yep, I am a fan of the idea of sushi and tacos. I was raving about Umi Star to a friend this past weekend and mentioned the tacos. He thought that was bizarre that they served tacos and sushi, and I think it is brilliant! A little something for everyone, even the non-sushi lovers." We couldn't agree more!

Locals can also look forward Taco Tuesdays, Wing Wednesdays (40 cents all day), daily happy hour and daily off menu specials. 

An enormous thank you to Chef Matt and the rockin' team at Umi Star for a decadent evening!

Peep the pics of the event on Flickr, courtesy of Pedro Romano. Read the Reviews and if you were there share 'em here.

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Isabella J

Yelp Tucson Community Manager