Yelp’s Hands-on Noodle & Chapas Banquet

To celebrate our last Elite Event of 2013 we subjected a bunch of Elites to one of the finest, funnest, most fantabulous dinners available in Sydney. Chefs Gallery doesn’t just create a kaleidoscopic explosion of flavours from all over China – it delivers culinary theatre, in the form of a hands-on noodle and Chinese tapas banquet that involved performance, cue cards, and a whole lot of laughs. This truly was a meal for the ages.


Given pride of place in the restaurant’s bustling centre, guests were greeted by the wonderfully friendly Yardley and Adrian from Chefs Gallery, and welcomed with free-flowing Chinese tea, Tsing Tao beer and The Habitat Chardonny and Shiraz, before delicate cucumber & seaweed salads hit the tables.

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Macanese mini pork burgers with pork floss followed, along with sumptuous flaky pastries filled with white radish, diced bacon and minced dried prawns. Classic dishes were given an innovative twist with Peking duck pancakes served in fluffy Chinese roti, and a modern san choy bao served in crisp lettuce parcels spiked with basil and a major hit of chilli.

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Then chef JPL took to the floor, the amicable noodle master blowing Yelpers’ socks off with his signature noodles hand-made at our tables, and overcoming the language barrier via hilarious cue cards with entertaining messages. Knife-sliced sorghum noodles were sliced straight into the boiling pot before being dished up with spicy broth, then Yelpers got into the action to make their own fish noodles, a special banquet item not on the regular menu.

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The sheer amount and quality of the food had Yelpers wobbling by the time hand-made squid ink noodles wok fried with mussels and calamari and braised with Chinese rice wine on a buttery garlic sauce landed, and the coup de grace was Chefs Gallery’s famous steamed sesame “Piggy Face” buns and marshmallow and coconut “Totoro” rabbits arranged in an edible garden setting, which brought squeals of delights from both tables. What a way to finish the year.

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Ben B                                                                                                                                           Sydney Community Manager