Baton Rouge Elites Close Out The Year In Style

This weekend, Baton Rouge elites gathered at Olive or Twist to party one last time before the year ends.  The cocktails flowed to complement the gourmet sandwiches to celebrate the holidays – definitely a Year End Bash.

  Year End Bash Collage 1

Elites were treated to the casual, but classy, atmosphere that Olive or Twist is known for. Beyond the amazing atmosphere, Olive or Twist pulled out the stops in order to serve up some favorite holiday cocktails. We started the evening with the 1930’s classic: the Tom & Jerry – think grown-up egg nog served warm for the cold and rainy evening. Yelpers were then treated to a specialty Pumpkin Pie Martini, made with actual pumpkin pie filling. And rounding out the tasting was a twist on the classic Old Fashion, substituting orange and cherry liqueurs for the muddled fruit.  Of course, as Cassandra A put it, “The drinks were on point as always.”

  Year End Bash Collage 2

Of course, not party is complete without plenty of food as good as the drinks, luckily Street Breads came through on that front. Besides the bevy of sandwiches for every taste, most notably the Mexico City Chicken & Chipotle and the Mediterranean Portobello, Yelpers were treated to the St Paul’s Pizza (who doesn’t love a pizza delicious Portobello mushrooms and plump Gulf shrimp?) and the Aztecan Quesadilla; with three cheeses, juicy chicken and a spicy chipotle sauce. To top it all off, they provided a pan of their famous bread pudding.

Year End Bash Group Pic

As a special treat, Baton Rouge Elites were treated to a special gift bag, sponsored by Olive or Twist, Highland Coffees and Red Stick Spice Company. Thanks to all of our sponsors, and especially our event photographer Shelia Simmons! Be sure to check out the pics from the party, see what Yelpers are saying. Interested in hanging out with these awesome Yelpers, check out more info on the Yelp Elite Squad here.


Happy Holidays!

  Year End Bash Closing Pic

Jonathon R

Baton Rouge Community Manager