Yelp Detroit’s Nifty Under $50 Gift Guide!


Hark! The herald yelpers sing… and what the devil are they crooning about? The merriest gift giving locales in the Motor City, of course! Yep, we're making it easy to take on the holidays with this handy dandy guide to hometown shops where you can find a gift for every yelper on your lengthy list. The best part? All these showcased items are under $50 and can be found in either in their brick and mortor locations or in their online store. Local, unique and thrifty? Can't be beat!

Even better? Some of these awesome shops are even providing great discounts to yelpers who check in on the Yelp app when they're shopping. Check out our Yelp Shops Local landing page for all the details plus info on some radical craft and holiday fairs that we've partnered with this season! Now you have no excuse not to keep your money in Metro-Detroit this holiday. 

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CatchingFireflies2  Five152
Heavenly Metal2   JamesOlive2

Regeneration PR2   RegenerationC2

WriteImpressions2   TwistedShamrock2   Ohmylolli2    YellowDoor2

BackPast2    Greentopia2

CrazyWisdom2    Hollanders2

RockPaperScissors2    ToddsRoom

CityBird2    DMC2

Hugh2    Naka2

PureDetroit2     Brazen2

PeacockRoom2   Shine2

  WhistleStop   ElephantEars2

Vault2    Rocket2

Goods2   Lift2

DollHospital2    RobotGarage2

TeaHaus2   16Hands2     

Pewabic2     MoonRiver2  

  SignalReturn2 Middle Earth2    

GPP2    Shinola2

TenThousand2     CherryRep2

TwoJames2    8Degrees2

 Tootie2   Emerald2

 Nest2    Spielhaus2Nora2   Handmade2

Leon2  Dearborn2


Want more? Never fear! We'll be adding to this guide as the holiday season progresses so keep this page bookmarked for more Nifty Under $50 gift ideas!


Party on!


Annette J

Community Manager Yelp Detroit 

(Above photo by TRF_Mr_Hyde)


Please note, we can't guarantee these featured items will be in stock when you shop but trust us when we say you can find something equally awesome at all of these businesses!