Yelps Outback Adventure in Charleston, SC

The month of October brought Yelp's Outback Adventure
across The States
– and things certainly heated up in the Southeast. Out in Charleston, Elites checked out their
local Outback to sample the resto's brand spankin' new $4 Finds menu complete with bar bites and cocktails!

Outback Collage 1
Outback Collage Food 1
Outback Collage 2

As Elites entered the event to indulge in a series of light bites with cocktail pairings. From Coconut Shrimp with Creole marmalade and Short Rib Steakhouse Nachos
to Chicken Artichoke Flatbread and Brushman 'Shrooms with spicy ranch
dressing, Yelp Elites piled high their plates with the best bites
has to offer. To wash down the fresh-from-the-kitchen bites, the
bartender whipped up seven different cocktail pairings, like the Aussie Rum Punch and Crisp Apple Martini. Then they finished things up with a surprise dessert of cake pops for everyone.

Outback Collage Party 1
Outback Collage Drinks
Outback Colage Party 4

With Elites taking part in a modern version of a scavenger hunt and one lucky
winner walking away with an Outback gift basket filled with grilling
supplies and two $20 gift cards – the event was, as the Aussies say, one
cracker of a night!

Outback Collage Party 2
Outback Collage Party 3

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Until next time… SYOY!

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Scotty C
Yelp Charleston Community Manager