Yelp’s All-Denim Dinner with Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Pleasant Hill park set the scene for Yelp’s All Denim Dinner in the East Bay. This Texan style cookout featured a saucy spread of hickory-smoked meats and Southern sides provided by Dickey's BBQ Pit.


Michael R points out that Dickey’s not only does catering, they also deal in BBQ magic! “With three different types of sliders, pork, sausages, and BBQ brisket,It was love at first bite!” Southern style coleslaw, baked potato casserole and good ole mac n cheese accompanied the hearty fare with pumpkin beer and Dickey’s sweet tea to wash it all down! Augusto T. voted the “really tasty”  brisket sliders as “the crowd’s unofficial favorite pick.”

Naturally, the dress code was all-denim, all around — with peeps moseying on down in their best interpretation of the “Tex-Tuxedo" flanked in denim-on-denim duds, tipping cowboy hats and curtseying. Bonnie Z and Joanna S “kept their eyes peeled for denim-clad people” as they entered the park and were pleasantly greeted by a throng of “Western-chic” Yelpers engaging in games of cornhole and rounds of dosey-doe. “BBQ and beer in the park? Sounds like the quintessential American pastime!” she reported.

Yelpers enjoyed a relaxed evening amidst a scene of their picnicking peers, shaded by the majestic redwoods of the park — a real “laid back, ye-haw, dosey-do kind of time,” as  Jenn N puts it. With “pulled pork sliders, baked potato casserole and a sea of denim,” Emmalouise B cites the latter as sounding like a bad dream, but quips that “in YEE form it's one hell of an evening!”

Hats off to Dickey's BBQ Pit for introducing the Elite Squad to real Texas BBQ, right in our East Bay backyard! And to all the Yelpers who did the double-denim walk of shame back to their cars at the end of the night…you're our heroes!

Til next time, partner


Nique F

East Bay Community Manager, and shameless denim doubler