Yelp Elite Meat & Greet at Longhorn Steakhouse San Antonio

What better way to induct new San Antonio Elite Yelpers into the fold than with a Meat & Greet of epic proportions? There's nothing like encouraging new Elite friendships over meaty indulgences, delightful appetizers, specialty cocktails, and scrumptious desserts. Longhorn Steakhouse San Antonio hosted a night we could definitely sink our teeth into

Longhorn steakhouse collage
Don't overlook this chain, especially this San Antonio location, because we're lucky enough to be home to the company's award-winning grillmaster – the best Longhorn steak slanger nationwide! After a brief beef education, said grillmaster whipped up our choice of filet, sirloin, or the legendary Outlaw ribeye – each cooked to absolute perfection per our individual requests. The steak entree can best be described as "meltingly tender meat butter," at least that's what the prolific Katy B deemed it, and we agree. 

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This escape into steakation didn't so easily steal the show, though, because appetizers like soft and savory Oktoberfest pretzel sticks, Wild West Shrimp, and a fresh and fruity salad set the bar high for everything else to come. Not to mention, Elites had the option to sample the newest seasonal cocktail from Longhorn Steakhouse, the Montana Mule – a bourbony take on the Moscow Mule – complete with an authentic copper mug! Rounding out an evening of memorable bites, they hit us with yet another mindblowing course in dessert. The Chocolate Stampede rolled out in giant slices boasting layer upon layer of six cocoa varieties. Despite the menu's encouragement to share, I'm not sure any of us wanted to heed that advice. Then there was the Pumpkin Spice Lava Cake drizzled with Maker's Mark bourbon-caramel glaze and candid pecans – pumpin heaven, to say the least. 

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Reviews from seasoned vets and newbie Elites alike are a resounding 5 stars, as this has been noted a definite favorite Elite event of ALL! Setting this apart from other Elite experiences, the hospitality of Longhorn's staff from management to servers is unmatched – they're like "server ninjas," just like Shawn G points out. You can check out the juicy photos from Steven Starnes Photography in our photo album

Until next time, Elites! 

Gloria C