Yelp Denver’s Harvest Hoopla!

In observance of the Harvest season, Yelp Denver decided to channel their inner prairie person and take in the vast and beautiful plains we have right here in town at the Plains Conservation Center. Equipped with delicious beers from local and nearby brewery, Dry Dock, and burritos busting at the seams with spicy and savory ingredients from Big City Burrito – guests were ready to party on the plain!

After sipping on delicious suds courtesy of Dry Dock, like the Hop Abomination, Amber Ale, Hefeweizen, and the oh-so famous, Apricot Blonde, elites were encouraged to play as the plain people would. With a few rounds of Corn Hole, of course! Refreshingly delicious and nutrious, Dry Soda was supplied for those parched after a few intense rounds of games. Meanwhile, Big City Burrito was onsite with an assorted array boasting their delectable breakfast and lunch burritos. In fact, Dale Z "has frequently wondered, as he drove by on Parker Road, how the food was. And now he knows. They make some really nice burritos
and they have plenty of options for those who like it hot.  I tried a
bit of everything, but I especially
liked the Machaca burrito.The burritos had some very nice fillings and definitely seemed a step up from your standard Chipotle fare." 

During lunch, guests were quizzed on some unique trivia: "Sex On The Prairie" Everything from how often prairie dogs mate a year to why the female praying mantis bites the head off of the male after mating was asked, and we were there to enthusiastically guess! Becca R "must admit, I really enjoyed the "Sex on the Plains" trivia game because I had no idea how gross insects are…" 

Hoopla3Following lunch, guests hopped on a hayride
complete with more Dry Dock beer as elites and their guets learned all about prairie life in the early frontier days. Simulated sod houses accompanied with roaming chicken, frisky prairie dogs, and happy cows were among the many attractions at the Plains Conservation Center. All in all, we'd say this was no plain event.

and pics of the harvest affair are a testament to all the afternoon fun. A big Yelp thank you for the wonderful staff and support of the Plains Conservation Center, Big City Burrito, Dry Dock Brewing, and Dry Soda.
Be sure to pay a visit to these businesses soon. The Plains Conservation Center is always providing fun adult programming, while Big City Burrito and Dry Dock are always ready to serve you a big burrito and an award-winning beer!

Plains Conservation Center                           

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Big City Burrito

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Dry Dock Brewing Co.

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Dry Soda

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