Yelp Adelaide Gets The FOctober Out!

"Pack away the winter wardrobe, stop making excuses, and get the FOctober out," Yelpers were told. And so they did. With a plethora of events in October (somehow all starting with "f") Yelp Adelaidians had the chance to explore some of the best florals, frolicks, film, fashion and fitness that this town has to offer.

Adelaide Film Festival Launch @ Little Miss Miami

Rebecca C said it best, "how do you make a cool and chic Yelp Elite Event? Add the obligatory
cool as cucumbers Yelpers, some indie film directors, a festival crew
and the swish happening venue of Miss Miami."
It was lights, camera, action for Yelp Elite on one steamy October eve where the American fried nibbles were almost as hot at the Adelaide Film Festival Director, Amanda Duthie.

Yelpers were given a secret insight into what to expect from the festival and start planning their week of free film premieres and shows.

Film in Foctober


Frolicking with horses at Cavalia – in the Rendevous Tent

Yelpers skipped the main entrance and went straight through to the VIP tent for an afternoon of wine, champagne and a buffet lunch (and just in case they needed something more to sustain them through the show), Conessieur ice creams, popcorn and dessert and more wine. At the end of the day though, it really was all about the horses…

"An extremely well polished extravaganza. I was particularly impressed with the backdrops, music and lighting. They all created a fantastic atmosphere." Samantha T (5 stars)

"Best show I have ever seen. Even had tears in my eyes at the beginning and end. I will be going again!" Mardi Z (5 stars)

"The interaction between horse and human is so touching it makes you overwhelmed.  Throw in some acrobatics, rope twirling, live music and trapeze artists and it is brilliant!" Kristin N (5 stars)


Come & Try Firetwirling and Fitness at Point A

pain, no gain! Only the toughest Yelpers braved the battlegrounds of
the "studio of alternative movement" on a Saturday morning in October.
From acrobatics to kalari, parkour and poi, Yelpers upped their skillz
and realised how fitness can be more than a Body Attack class.

Thanks to
the wonderful support of all the Point A trainers on the day Yelpers
were able try something new, laugh at how uncoordinated they were (maybe
that was just your CM) and understand alternative forms of exercise better!

Fitness in Foctober


Floral Arranging at A.Nouk Design Studio

At first they were afraid, they were petrified (kind of like the wood), Yelpers thought they could never floral arrange without someone by their side… But with the help of life saver, styler and creative, Joslin Koolen, (and a couple of Elderflower cocktails to  break the ice), Yelpers learnt the basics of floral arranging and were then set free to play, create and explore.

From bouquets to simple wraps and artistic works in vases, there were some amazing masterpieces created on the day and once they started they couldn't stop with most Yelpers taking 2-3 pieces home!

Floral arranging


They said it couldn't be done, and it probably wouldn't have been without the support of some very special Adelaide businesses and events. Come out of hibernation and make the rest of your October focking fantastic!

Check you on the flip side,

Chloe RM – Yelp Adelaide Community Manager