Atlanta Elite Sneak Peak With Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Rainy weather, terrible traffic, and a Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Truck comprised the evening of October 17th for our ATL Elite Squad. Is there a formidable foe who could stop anyone from free ice cream to the tune of Sweet Potato and Torched Marshmallow? Salty Caramel? Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean?! I dare say there is none who could stand in their way.

The Jeni's truck made a pit stop for a group of our Elites at the AFFPS Office (Atlanta Foundation For Public Spaces) near Piedmont and the scooping did ensue. Addy C notes, "I think it might be the best salted caramel ice cream I've ever had. It
started with a sample and right away I knew the sample wasn't enough."

Hey, even Astro, resident canine of AFFPS, got his rather large paws on some of the fare. Atta boy, Astro. (Photo included)

Elites also had the opportunity to sling some paint on an 8×10 canvas of their own as part of the Chastain Park "Art Bombing." Addy also mentions, "We got to paint our own canvases which will be distributed to random
places around the city, and whoever finds these canvases gets to keep
them. They also function as invitations to the Art Bomb event. So
clever!" There were cats, dogs, abstracts, scenics, and others.


Look for Jeni's opening at Westside Provisions next week (October 23rd).

Also, follow along with the AFFPS Art Festivals that happen throughout the year. Info here.

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Ben G – Yelp Atlanta CM