Yelp’s Rock The Yacht in Los Angeles

Yelp's Rock the Yacht this week was full of smooth sailing. Over 20 sponsors were there to please 500 yelpers per night over the two day event.


There was no shortage of fun on this Hornblower yacht that sailed off into the sunset once Yelpers were on board. They also wowed guests with their homemade tilapia ceviche, which Marc G says "The ceviche was fresh and delicious… a perfect summer boating snack." They also offered guests $50 off a cruise.

Lily Darling was definitely a hit with their uniquely flavored macaroons. Shannon S admits, "I literally can't get over the salted caramel macaroons- i can't stop thinking about them they were just that amazing."

Rita's brought a little bit of the east coast west. Ingrid L felt "The pumpkin cheesecake ice from Rita's Ice was divine."


Bombay Sapphire gave lessons on how to mix gin cocktails at home. Jody S shares, "The Bombay Sapphire drinks were awesome while taking a sunset cruise!"

B Sweet wowed the crowds. Raoul O shares: "B SWeet put it down! That bread pudding was just ridiculous. It's truly
adult bread pudding; mommy and daddy's dessert. Glazed Donut was the
best and the Rum raison was good too."

Segura Viudas had some fun activities and a lucky winner took home 6 bottles each night from their scavenger hunt. Noelani shares, "I think  Segura Viudas  was a favorite amongst our group with their
"spin the wheel" giveaway prizes. We all went home with some cute
chill-bags   And the little shaped wine taster cup was a bonus."


Pork Belly's Sandwich Shop had Tony L all smiles. "The sliders from Pork Belly's had a soft and spongy bun along with
the extra cole slaw on top of the delicious meat, with potato
salad on the side."

Sinners & Saints had options galore. Howie C says, "lots of gluten free and non-gluten free desserts: tiramisu, tres leches, peanut butter cookies, oreo brownies, canolis."

Beach Pizza kept the pizzas coming! Elizabeth C shares her fave: "surfer pizza with Thai peanut sauce, chicken breast, bacon and caramelized onions."

Yacht 4

Rock & Brews had guests all smiles with their pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw. Nancy R was happy that the South Bay was in the house: "The South Bay was repped by Rock n' Brew and their delicious pulled pork sliders."

The Balvenie was pouring tastes of three different scotches. Boby C was impressed: "Can't go wrong with single barrel 15-year scotch. Yum."

Sapporo was giving out awesome schwag to a few lucky yelpers and copious amounts of beer. Shawna W shouts, "Sapporo – Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu! Lived in Japan for 8+ years so we have been friends for a long time! Cold brew is my friend!" Lets be honest, it's everyone's friend.


Scott Cellars was pouring wines from up North. Brittany R shares, "My favorite beverages of the evening were Scott Cellar's Sangiovese
& Cuvee. Peter (the owner) was a great guy with some great wine!"

Krave Jerky had an assortment of flavors. Nelson F says, "Mason jars where you serve yourself, about 6 jars of different flavors. Chewy and full of jerky goodness."

Hamilton Wines where Shawna W "Tried a red blend, forgot the exact type it was the end of the evening but it was smooth and loaded with fruit essence!"


Xtreme Desserts has Nelson F exclaim, "Good Lord these were decadent!  You can't resist these, they're so delicious!  Red velvet cakes and brownies.  Wow. 5/5."

Setlla Rosa was loved by Harmonie T. "The top deck is where I spent most of my time since there was one vendor Stella Rosa wine and photobooth, ample seating, and a gorgeous view
of the sunset!

Uber made Sam P a fan: "My favorite table: Uber.  They gave away a $20 credit for first time
users and then they showed me how to get another $10 credit for sharing
Uber with a friend.  Super cool deal.  Thanks for the ride, Uber."


OurHouse, our charity of the night made Noelani all smiles: "What I REALLY loved about this event was the $5 Donation for the
Non-Profit "Our House." Two thumbs up for bringing lots of people
together for food, drinks, fun, all while giving to a good cause."

ResQWater hooked Sara S. "The Resqwater was an awesome addition and I was very happy they had a
knowledgeable staff member on board to put my mind at ease about how it
works.  Good stuff."

I Heart Momo Photobooth had all the nautical props. Roxy H shares, "And lets not forget about the photo booth fun, Complete with an endless
amount and honestly quite unique props by I heart momo photo booth."


Alpert Photography  captured all of the unforgettable moments of the evening. See all the photos here.

LA Weekly came out to check out the event and posted a 42 photo slide show here. Thank you to everyone who made this a special evening at sea!

Until next time,

Brittany B

LA West Community Manager

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