Yelp Geeks Out @ The TechShop in Pittsburgh

Over 360 Pittsburgh Yelpers gathered for the second annual Yelper Party held at the newly opened TechShop in Bakery Square for Yelp Geeks Out. We ate, we laughed and we created! "Welcome to the land of tasty tastings and scientific experiments!" exclaims Lauren G. And we couldn't have put it any better ourselves.

TechShop People

Guests were greeted by No Wait, who helped us round up eager beavers who wanted to check out the tech. With some of the "make it, it take it" classes running, Yelpers were able to see first hand just how geek chic this place can be! From glass etching, to screen printing, metal cut flowers to chocolate mold making, there was a variety of creative corners to check out.

Aja J got a little taste of the plasma cut flower class, where she "came out with a stunning (if I do
say so myself) creation sure to be the envy of everyone I force to look
at it when they visit me." Commonwealth Press manned the screen printing area were Britney C "got to apply the paint" herself and watched in wonder as "it dried in like 10 seconds
under a heat lamp. We also took part in the etched glass making where
this 80 watt laser moves slowly over the glass causing it to basically
burn off some of the surface."

TechShop Sponsors
"I mean, when do you get a chance to nosh down on a liquid nitrogen frozen marshmallow?" asks Miriam W. Thanks to the Carnegie Science Center, attendees got to experience that as well as some electrifiying experiments! And, let's not forget the Pittsburgh Glass Center who also had their own display of fire and glass that was a hot stop.

As Yelpers packed into the TechShop, DJD PGH pumped out some jammin' tunes while people like Ashley H noshed on some food and sampled some drinks: "I could not believe how many
vendors there were. I saw BBQ, ice cream, vodka, whoopie pies, bruschetta, beer… you name it, it was there. We sampled EVERYTHING –
and some twice. I felt like a kid in a candy shop… only it was the
TechShop." With over 20 food and drink sponsors, no one left the venue without grabbing some tasty treats! "What a
great sampling experience" according to Gary R. "I tasted things that still linger with me and
want to go back! I could go on and on!"

Want a little heartwarning? We raised almost $1,000 for Big Brothers, Big Sisters! That supports one child through the program for a whole year!

TechShop Drinks
Thanks to our incredible food sponsors: Barre, Betsy's Ice Cream, Bluebird Kitchen, Burgh Bites Cart, The Livermore, Mercurio's, Savoy, Six Penn Kitchen, Social, Thin Man Sandwich Shop, Wild Purveyors, YinzBurgh BBQ

Thanks to our amazing drink sponsors: Great Lakes Brewing Company, Fresh From the Farm Juices, Natrona Bottling Company, Penn Brewery, Pittsburgh Winery, Red Star Kombucha, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Turners Ice Tea and Wigle Whiskey.TechShop Food

A big thank you to The TechShop, General Manager Matt Verlinich and the amazing staff for treating Yelpers to such an amazing evening! Also, thanks to Porter Loves Photography for the fab photo's that you can check out here.

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

Your Director of Dorkiness,

Yelp Geeks Out - 119

Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager