Yelp OC’s Meatless Monday

Though the timing was unintentional, Elites definitely had a meatless Monday this past week at one of Veggie Grill's newest locations, Crossroads Shopping Center in Irvine.

From the moment the guests arrived, food was coming out fast and furious where lucky attendees sampled items such as:

– Tomato Basil Soups
– Buffalo Wings
– Chill Out Wings
– Savory Kale Caesar Salads
– All Hail Kale Salads
– Thai Chickin' Salads
– VG Cheeseburgers
– Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' Sandwiches
– Carne Asada Sandwiches
– Baja "Fish" Tacos
– Chickin' Tacos
– Chocolate Pudding Parfaits
– Carrot Cakes
+ more!

Mari H said it best: "We started off with a Tomato Basil soup, then the faux chicken wings hit the table with two sauces. Would you like a beer? Yes please! And it just kept coming. Thankfully larger items were divided into fours and desserts into small cups. We definitely got fed."

Food Collage
Were the vegetarians in the house happy? Just ask Sandya N as she gloats, "There was so much delicious food that there wasn't an unbuckled belt in the house. I got to try so many scrumptious  items I've never had before, like the chicken fingers, kale Caesar salad, the carne asada sandwich, and the fish tacos. And it was so exciting for me to be able to sample to my heart's content without worrying if any of the items had meat or animal bits in it. Hooray!!"

Even self-proclaimed carnivores like Morgan H were gushing about their experiences. "I have to admit, I really enjoy eating meat so I was super scared of having a vegan meal. But I was completely impressed! All of the "meat" actually tasted like meat." Even her table mate Jennifer B couldn't believe the resemblance and now Ms. H vows "I will definitely come back for that salad. I've been converted!"

The staff was top notch making sure that plates were picked up, questions were answered and smiles were being served all around. Sara Y confirms: "Service was amazing and everyone was very friendly and accommodating. I can't wait to return and invite my friends!"  We're with ya on that one!

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Until the next one!

Ryan C.
Yelp Orange County Community Manager