Yelp Louisville Elite Event: Sea and Snap

At the Sea and Snap Elite event last night, a smorgasbord of seafood and apps were presented and Yelpers and guests had their phones out and their mouths watering. Ok, the mouths watering part didn't last long because we dug into Mitchell's Fish Market's spread of shrimp cocktail, poppy vinaigrette dressed salad with dates, spicy asian shrimp, calamari and more. As Melanie K puts it, "this five star time had both signature cocktails of shrimp and liquor aplenty." With beer, wine and liquor options to choose from our glasses were always full!

We did hold off from tasting long enough to capture everything on film, and got to see it all the #seandsnap and #yelplouelite photos in real-time on our live feed through the TVs at the center of the bar. Our MO for the night was Sea, Snap, Eat, (and most importantly) Repeat. And for no other reason than Polaroids are awesome, we made a non-tech live feed too! Everyone got to nominate one person for best photo and by the end of the night we had our standout winners: @r2thekesh (Rakesh G) for Human Shrimp Holder and Kelly O both won and each took home a nifty pack of Yelp swag and Mitchell's gift cards!

Thanks again to everyone for making this event "two snaps" (as Daphne A tweeted) — and of course to Mitchell's for serving up the subject of our food porn. Plus, special thanks to all the Elites and guests for coming out to sea and snap up a storm! Also, Vaughn Corum did an great job once again with the official photos and you can check out all of them on our Flickr page.


Megan F