Yelp Brisbane’s Road Trip Elite Event to Helm Bar Surfers

Spring has sprung early in Brisbane and Yelp's Elite Squad took advantage of the sunny skies with a road trip to Helm Bar Surfers. Climbing aboard our Limoso 30 seater luxury coach, affectionately nick-named "The Yelp Express", we departed from Brisbane's Roma Street Transit centre ready for adventure.  

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Tummies may have been rumbling by the time 28 Yelpers arrived on the coast, but that was soon remedied with the generous pizzas and jam-jar cocktails provided by Helm Bar Surfers. Meat lovers, prawn and scallop and even a peking duck pizza made the rounds of our space on Helm Bar's back deck overlooking the canal waters. 

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The bar, with a "sleek nautical fit out inspired by its sister venue in Sydney" impressed us all with it's modern take on dining on the Gold Coast. And sipping on cocktails with names like Basil Brush, Ginny Hendricks, and Louisiana Jamma we certainly felt like we were living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. 

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Thanks to the team at Helm Bar Surfers, especially Kate and Sandra, for their superb hospitality and to Limoso for getting us from A to B. 

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Lani P.