KC Elites Turn Up The Tunes @ Yelp’s Spin Cycle!

Question: What do you get when you throw a gaggle of Elites into a room full of great vinyl, locally crafted cocktails and wood fired pizza? 

Answer: One heck of a Yelp Elite Event, Yelp's Spin Cycle!

Mills Record Company opened their doors to the Yelp community to show off KC's newest record store, and the only to specialize in new vinyl. Guests shopped up a storm, flipping through records and exploring the shop's well-curated collection of art and fashion by local artisans. And to set the mood, DJ Elgin Smith was on hand to spin his trademark vintage funk and soul. 

Record store collage

When you shop up a sweat, you need something to quinch your thirst. Bartenders served up refreshing cocktails featuring CLEAR10 Vodka. Whether guests wanted something spirit-foward or poolside-perfect, this locally distilled liquor kept everybody socially lubricated

For those guests that were hungry for more than great tunes, Prairie Fire Oven rolled up and shared their wood-fired pizzas. Thanks to selections like the Bada Boom (red sauce, mozzarella, sorpasetta, shaved parmesean, basil and chili infused honey) and the Peach Tree (local peaches, tequila-marinated jalopenos, bacon, chili infused honey, gorgonzola, arugula and a tangerine-balsamic drizzle), people forgot all about the traditional pepperoni and sausage. And to take things one step further, specialty pies were made for people with gluten or dairy allergies, ensuring that all guests were free to enjoy the feast. 

Pizza Collage

But what's a Yelp event without some fun activities? No Yelp event at all! All guests were encouraged to bring a mix CD to swap, and Yelpers did not disappoint. While some brought discs featuring international pop stars, others recycled mixes made for or by an ex. Mid 90s pop made an appearance, as did classic country. No matter who's mix a Yelper received, they were guaranteed to hear something new. And aren't finding new experiences what being a Yelper is all about? 

People Collage 2.10.27 PM

A ton of thanks to everybody that made this event possible. It was a lot of fun exploring a retail business, and I hope we do it again soon! 

Until next time, I'll SYOY

Matt E