South Bay Cooked Up a Storm at Savory Kitchen!

Psst! Wanna know a secret??? Yelp Elites love food! 

Wanna know an even bigger secret??? Yelp Elites are also masters in the kitchen!

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OK, so it's not a big surprise to find out that the South Bay Squad was tickled pink to be part of an intimate, hands-on Elite Event @ Savory Kitchen on July 15. Jealous yet? When you read about the three-course gourmet menu that we prepared as a group and paired with wine,  anyone in their right (foodie) mind would be green with envy!

Located less than a mile down the street from HP Pavilion lies Savory Kitchen, a culinary experience. They provide lovers of fine living a singular cooking and wine-pairing experience. While preparing a four-course meal with friends old or new, learn the art and science of pairing wines with skillfully prepared cuisine. Later, share the delicacies created and discover how different varietals complement and enhance each course. From custom classes, private parties or group classes that celebrate fine wine and food in an intimate, festive setting, Savory Kitchen can meet your needs. 

25 lucky Elites took part in a group session with Chef Colleen and her staff: Nina, Dayna, Destiny and Amanda. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted with glasses of wine and tasty cheese plates. Not a bad way to get started… And after some introductions, a quick colllection for The One Fund and strict instructions to was our hands, the crew was broken up into three groups and put to work!

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Group 1 prepared ginger soy meatballs, Group 2 made strawberry manchego crostini and Group 3 helped whip together banana salted caramel blondies. Tough job, but someone's gotta do it! Each team learned important kitchen skills, whether it was baking a crostini to the right consistency, making the perfect sized ball of meat, or to how to prepare caramel sauce on the stove without burning the pan. Everyone took turns with the hands-on activities like a good little team should.

Within an hour, the two appetizers and dessert were ready to eat! Everyone sat down to a perfectly set long tables and three glasses of wine to pair with the food. Everyone "oohed" and "ahhed" over our creations. In between each course, Colleen shared a little info about the wines served and the reasons why she chose them. Eifel Riesling for the meatballs, La Cane Albarino with the crostini and Yalumba Antique Tawny Port to pair with dessert. 

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Read all of the 5-star reviews from the attendees, including:

"I never thought that I'd ever do any sort of cooking outside of my home, but this YEE gave me a great opp to do two things: eat food and learn how to make the food!  I was joined by a spirited group of hungry and enthusiastic Yelp Elite team who all pulled their weight to contribute to the three course tasting menu that we ended up ultimately eating! Cooking truly is an experience that when shared with people, can create everlasting memories. Thanks to my entire Yelp contingent for making cooking a lot more fun that I ever thought possible." - Ben H.L.

"The place and the staff are just awesome. I love cooking parties, and never knew this place was even here (and yeah, i'm sooooo going back!!!). They have everything set up and walk you through preparing all the courses.  I loved that they give just enough instruction, but really let you do all the work. They give great tips along the way. And really, they are all so nice!" - Linnea E

"I think every Yelper prides themselves on being a foodie, and the fact that this place can yield 5 stars from the SB Elite Team is saying A LOT! Here's the thing… you can have some amazing she-she-la-la over complicated meals, but the ones that blow me away the most are the most simplistic and create the most amazing burst in your mouth flavors from savvy chefs who know what they're doing with their ingredients. And the most fun part, you get to learn their tricks right along side them!" – Jesse J

A great big THANK YOU to Colleen and the Savory Kitchen team for hosting the Yelp Elites! We had a 5-star evening for sure, just read the reviews, look at all the lovely photos on Flickr and we even have a short video on Instagram. Can't wait to go back for another class… brunch and mimosas, anyone?

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Abby S, Community Manager (with Linda L, Michelle C, Sal E and Linnea E)