Meet the Newest Members of Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council!

Yelp’s Small Business Advisory Council (“YSBAC”), a group of business owners we brought together back in 2010 to provide us with input and guidance, is expanding its reach further than ever before. It’s no secret that consumers around the world turn to Yelp when making a buying decision, which has a direct impact on millions of businesses. With that in mind, we place a high value on the input of YSBAC members to aid us in the development of new features and services on our site.

Over 1,000 business owners from around the world applied to participate in this year’s YSBAC. As usual, with so many small business rockstars expressing interest, the selection process wasn’t easy. However, as returning member Julie Lim put it, “This group consists of the cream of the crop of business owners who genuinely care about their customers. I have so much to learn from each [member] and look forward to meeting more creative minds this year!” The latest edition of YSBAC will include:

  1. Victoria Fox: Miss Fox (Melbourne, Victoria – AUS)

  2. Andy Bradshaw: The British Store (New Westminster, BC – CA)

  3. Valerie Girard*: Les Deux Gamins (Montreal, QC – CA)

  4. Caley Hui*: Garden Party Flowers (Vancouver, BC – CA)

  5. Deirdre Macken: Lucy’s Lounge (Dublin, Ireland – IE)

  6. Robert Nadler: The Nadler Hotel (2 locations in Kensington and Soho, London – UK)

  7. Fraser Duncan: Clockjack Oven (Soho, London – UK)

  8. Mellissa Morgan*: Ms. Cupcake (Brixton, London – UK)

  9. Debbie Goldberg: Fresh Brothers (9 locations throughout Southern California – US)

  10. Ken Carson: Nexus Brewery (Albuquerque, New Mexico – US)

  11. Pam Nelson: Butter Lane Cupcakes (2 locations in New York, NY – US)

  12. David Potwin: Lettuce B. Frank ( Food truck in Rochester, NY – US)

  13. Carlos Rodriguez: Mr. Roofing (South San Francisco, CA – US)

  14. Jonah Holland: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (Richmond, VA – US)

  15. Matthew Berman*: Bolt Barbers (Los Angeles, CA – US)

  16. Jerrold Polansky*: Spin Spa Laundry (San Diego, CA – US)

  17. Patrick Cuccaro*: Affairs to Remember Caterers (Atlanta, GA – US)

  18. Genevieve Poppe*: Odana Hills Dental / Madison Prosthodontics (Madison, WI – US)

  19. Julie Lim*: OC Wine Mart & Tasting Bar (Irvine, CA – US)

  20. Michael Galatte*: Ellis Island Casino & Brewery (Las Vegas, NV – US)

  21. Michelle Horneff-Cohen*: Property Management Systems (San Francisco, CA – US)

  22. Tim Gorin*: MyEyeDr. (50 locations throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC – US)

  23. Wade Lombard*: Square Cow Movers (Austin, TX – US)

  24. Jennifer Rucks*: Salisbury Vineyards (San Luis Obispo, CA – US)

  25. Jose Luis Rojano*: Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop (San Diego, CA – US)
  26. Robert Han*: H & Y Marketplace (Hicksville, NY – US)

*Returning council member.

YSBAC members participate in regular conference calls to provide input on existing features, policies, products under development, and to brainstorm new ideas. New members also participate in an annual summit held at Yelp HQ where they meet with Yelp's executive team and department heads to share their experiences as small business owners.


We strive to work closely with the small business community, and the YSBAC is one of several ways that we do this. We also offer free educational webinars, workshops with our Business Outreach team, and advice for navigating the world of online reviews via our Blog for Business Owners. We look forward to continuing our efforts and developing new ways to help great local businesses close the loop with consumers.