Boston Yelpers Set Sail Aboard Yelp’s Midsummer Odyssey!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale. Yelpers flocked to Rowes Wharf this weather-wacky Monday evening for a night of floating, feasting and… Pirate Karrraoke? Smear on the sunblock and soak up the fun aboard Yelp's Midsummer Odyssey! The harbor didn't know what hit it.


Nearly 500 Yelpers flooded four decks of debauchery aboard the newly renovated Odyssey entertainment cruise ship. From the moment they stepped on board, guests were met with a full dinner buffet along with roaming hors d'oeuvres, courtesy of the Odyssey's galley and "oh-so-sweet" staff (so sez Megan H). For those not sated by the endless spread, the Scoop Deck sampled local snackables from Q's Nuts, Taza Chocolate and Alex B's new drug of choice: Corn & Co. "That was popcorn crack if I have ever seen it."


Specialty cocktails powered by Onyx Spirits and Ipswich's own Privateer Rum kept each deck lively, and cocktail connosseiurs discovered every bar (there were five total) featured a different specialty drink. Ben L only needed one, taking "the occasional moment to refill on my Onyx Sour – I have a new favorite moonshine." Barons of the barrels found four local beers (Yuka Y "felt like being in a brewery tour again!") from Down The Road tapped in the Brew Brig, while grape escaped went off the vine, sipping daintily on Still River's apple ice wine. Of course, we're all about Team Hydrate, which meant plenty of Hint essenced water, IZZE sparkling juices and Runa guayusa teas. 


It's not all just food and booze, folks. Jennifer S watched "new friends sing their hearts out" at Pirate Karrrrraoke, courtesy of Gorham Productions. The Mark Greel Band rocked the first deck, while those looking for a low-key escape relaxed on high in the Admiral's Lounge with sweet beats by DJ Ryan Brown. If the lapping waves, fine tunes and cool, cool beverages weren't enough, The Danger Booth snapped all sorts of shakey-cheek duck facing en frame while Pretty Instant roamed the boat, capturing your nauti antics for social photos-a-go-go and live streaming to the Odyssey's TVs. We're living in the future! 


Did we mention Boston Derby Dame sea creature sightings (oh, the Arkham Horrors!), pop-up hair feathering from Fast Phil's, and the complimentary rides from Uber? Well, there ya go. Tatsu caught all the wonder on film – check 'em out on Flickr and tag away on Facebook. Can't get enough visual stimulus? Here are the bonus albums from The Danger Booth (click) and Pretty Instant (click).


Check the five-star reviews here, and join in the conversation on Talk. Or just take it from Yelp event newb AJ B: "There are few things better than meeting a bunch of heretofore strangers and carrying on with them as though we had always been thick as thieves." Or David C: "Five TRILLION stars." We'll drink to that.


This is your captain speaking,


Damien S (with first mates Hilary H & Jane K)