What’s Nearby?

Many people know that they can turn to Yelp’s mobile apps to look up a great nearby business while they’re on the go, but have you ever found yourself out and about and not knowing exactly what you want? You wander the streets with the distinctive faltering gait of an indecisive luncher, heading toward one option, then changing your mind and lurching in the opposite direction. Well, wander no more, fellow Yelper! We’ve got good news: starting today, we’ve revamped our Nearby tab to present you with suggestions geared toward you, where you are and what you are in the mood for (available today on iPhone, coming soon on Android).


Our updated Nearby tab now offers suggestions based on your location, previous Yelp check-ins and reviews, and Yelp friends as well as other data like the time of day and even the weather. At Yelp, we have an entire community of reviewers that we rely on to suggest places you might not know about, as well as places that you and your friends love. Maybe you’ll discover something new, maybe you’ll understand what the neighborhood has to offer, or maybe you’ll be reminded of an old favorite.

Imagine it’s noon and you’re hungry for lunch, but don’t want the same old ham n’ cheese from the corner deli. A quick visit to the Nearby page might bring up a highly rated spot around the corner that is known for their banh mi and has been reviewed by one of your Yelp friends. You might also see a place down the block where a bunch of Yelpers are checked in right now…your FOMO kicks in and you head over to join the party.

With approximately 45% of all searches on Yelp coming from our mobile apps (as of Q1 2013), we know consumers are turning to Yelp mobile to find great local businesses. Now, with the new Nearby page, we’re giving these users a new way to discover Yelpy spots spontaneously. But this is just the beginning, look for more improvements on this page in the coming months as we gather feedback, bring this feature to Android, and find new ways to connect users with the crème de la crème of the places around them!