Kansas City Elites Dine On Swine At Local Pig’s Pig-Nic!

It's Summer in Kansas City, and that means it's time for Yelp Elites and their guests to go hog wild! We kicked off the season in laid back style at Yelp's Pig-NicWith great food, cocktails, tunes and games, this party had Yelpers squealing in delight!

Graciously hosted by top-notch butcher The Local Pig, almost 100 guests dined on swine. First time attendee Michael P said "the food was outstanding," especially the "pulled pork sandwiches made from a slow roasted pig." Alicia R "loved the Port Fonda beans," noting that including raisins "added a pop of sweet to the spicy sauce." To wash everything down, Dark Horse Distillery was on hand to serve horsefeathers with their new Reunion Rye, which Joanna M said "was smooth, not overly sweet and had wonderfully layered flavors."  With a spread like this, Yelpers had a great excuse to really pig out!

But perfect pig-nics are about much more than food. Entertaining the crowd was Konza Swamp, a local bluegrass quartet that Stephen H said "simply made the mood." Elites were given the chance to go Fishing for Swag, a game of skill that included fabulous prizes. James D won "two shot glasses and a bouncy ball, 'cause he likes to party." And for the athletically inclined, washers and ladder golf completed the back yard party atmosphere.

Across the board, Yelpers had a great time. Newbie Laura H "wandered in solo but was quickly welcomed to a table and happily made new friends. Elite for her fourth year, Sara D thought the "event was a great way to catch up with everyone and to enjoy the company" of her friends in the Yelp community. Everybody agreed that the event was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

I want to thank everybody for attending. I love throwing parties for the Yelp Community, and you all make the efforts even more worthwhile. It's going to be a fantastic summer full of all types of Yelpy events, so I hope to see plenty of all of you!


Your friendly CM (with his first ever REAL farmer's tan)

Matt E