Yelp Hartford’s Mad Hatter Patio Party at Wood-n-Tap

Donning their most elaborate hats, 60 Hartford Elites fell
down the rabbit hole on Wednesday night – right into a Mad Hatter patio party
at Wood-n-Tap. While sampling the restaurant’s new summer menu, Yelp Elites and their guests imbibed on refreshing Onyx moonshine
cocktails and chatted it up with Hartford’s Knox Parks Foundation. Thank you to
our incredible sponsors for a night of yelping in wonderland!

The array of seasonal dishes welcomed the onset of summer,
from flavorful caprese skewers to waldorf salad, veggie sushi,
and a decadent sampling of berries in almond crème anglaise.  For Eric H, the lobster havarti grilled
cheese stole the show. “You know a sandwich is good when you squeeze it
and buttery juices come oozing out.
I had about three triangle
wedges of this savory, buttery, juicy delicious sandwich and each bite was
absolutely scrumptious.”

While Yelpers sipped libations from teacups and swarmed the photobooth, Knox Parks made the rounds with information
about the organization, plus seed packets and lovely plants
for the taking

When it came to the cocktails, Freesia S admits “I'm
gathering from my Onyx Moonshine experiences that there are about 1,000,000,000
ways you can mix moonshine, and all of them are 1000000000000% delicious
. The
strawberry mint lemonade cocktail was light, refreshing, and perfect to enjoy
on a summer evening. Since Paul S is new to the
moonshine scene, he admits “I will be spending the rest of the summer
correcting that oversight.” 

Many thanks to Wood-n-Tap, Onyx Spirits and Knox Parks for a
fantastic party, and thanks to our photographer Nick Caito for catching all the action! Read the
glowing reviews here, peep the photos on Flickr and stay up to date by
following us on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll leave you with some wise words from
Joshua L: “At the end of the day, it all comes down to
good food, good drinks, and good company.
 It makes you realize the things
that are truly important in this world. Lobster,
cheese, butter, and moonshine.” 

Til next time, SYOY!

Emily C (and a special appearance by Yelp London CM, Alex S!)

Yelp Community Manager- Hartford