Yelpers Get Their Hands Dirty At Chelsea’s Cook&Go

It's New York City; chances are you haven't touched your kitchen range (assuming your apartment has one). But at this event, Manhattan yelpers got the ABCs of how to operate around around any culinary studio. Cookcoll1

Cook&Go is a unique culinary experience where guests learn to cook at your their pace. Just show up for any session to find ingredients, tools, apron, recipes and a friendly chef waiting to teach you. A perfect experience for bonding with co-workers, showing out of town pals a good time, or a snazzy date spot with a nightcap waiting at the High Line just 100 feet away. Cookcoll2

After several years of expansion in France, Cook&Go Culinary Studio has opened the very first  here in the United States just 100 feet from the High Line in a 2300sf warehouse in Chelsea next to Equinox, Google, Manhattan Fruit Exchange, Food Network, and of course Chelsea Market. At this particular soiree, the menu curated and executed by yelpers from all over Manhattan included elote, tostadas, horchata, and tres leches. It was Seis de Mayo, after all! Cookcoll3

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