Yelp Miami’s Happy To Have The Blues

No one’s ever going to confuse the Beach with Beale Street or
salsa with soul… but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try. Geographically
located in the Southeastern United States, Miami has about as much in common
with the deep south as Athens (Greece, not Georgia). Until now. The geniuses at
Swine Southern Table & Bar transformed a stretch of Ponce de Leon
into a sweltering slice of the Mississippi delta — which gave over 120 extremely lucky
Elites the chance to find out what happens when Yelp’s Got The Blues.


Known for being a culinary master and creating menus not widely seen
in the 305, chef Phil Bryant might as well have turned Coral Gables into
Memphis, Tennessee. Elites were elated to try his award-winning food creations.
Think you’ve had Southern fare before? Think again. Actually, think Gem Lettuce Wraps
(crispy pig ears, roaring forties bleu cheese and heirloom vegetables); Ham 'N Peaches
(grilled peaches wrapped in Virginia ham, Virginia cheddar and sherry drizzle);
Hush Puppies
(deviled blue crab and pickled celery); BBQ On A Stick (Kansas City Burnt Ends, molasses
mop and fried cornbread); and Liver 'N Onions (wood-grilled foie gras, corn
johnny cakes and pickled onion marmalade).


He wasn’t finished.

A bona fide Southern
surf 'n turf
in the form of a Crawfish Boil (assorted mignonettes,
wood-grilled cocktail sauce and bennie seed crackers) 'N Charcuterie Boards
(complete with smoked head cheese, selection of hams and salumi from Virginia
and housemade Tasso ham) stole the show and took up the communal table in the
downstairs dining room. The food didn’t end with savories. Cupcakes in the form
of S'mores and red velvet delighted guests while cups of strawberry shortcake
made them forget all about their diets.


Caution thrown to the wind, thrilled Elites concentrated on
the drink menu. Created from premium Atlantico Rum, Robert Ferrera showcased
why he’s the man to watch when it comes to cocktails. The South By South
and Rum Old Fashioned treated guests to fantastic new taste sensations.
Buoyed by the night of craft cocktails, Ferrera gave guests one last knockout
punch — Run Pig Run Punch (winner of the 2013 Punch Kings competition). For
those whose tastes hover around hops, Samuel Adams provided a variety of their
award-winning craft brews. And if this wasn’t enough, Victor Martinez filled the venue with lost-job-wife-left-you-dog-died blues.


This was an event not to be missed. Ecstatic Elites raved
about the experience here. Ace photog Alex H captured what you might have
missed out on here. While nobody gets outta this place without singing the
blues, when they’re served up Yelp & Swine-style, you won’t mind at all.


Singing the Babysittin’ Blues,

Johnny T