Yelp Miami Goes Under The Golden Big Top

If life is but a stage, shouldn’t eating be but a show? We
think some smart guy said something like that a long time ago. In any event,
the sentiment makes sense to us. So, when Miami Beach powerhouse Barton G, the Restaurant teamed
up with members of the Yelp Miami Elite Squad, is it any surprise that the
combination resulted in Yelp’s Golden Dinner?


Long known for putting on a performance with every meal,
Barton G showcased that it had many new tricks up its sleeve when the brand-new
upstairs lounge space
served as the setting for the evening. Adorned in
cocktail dresses and sports coats, Elites quickly discovered the one accessory
they were missing: a Yelp Kiss cocktail. The attentive staff quickly remedied
this problem and soon enough, guests roamed the space with a smoking cocktail
in hand.


But, Elite can’t live off cocktail alone (though many have
tried). This is Barton G! And, that means over-the-top presentation and
culinary spectacles! The show didn’t disappoint but neither did the food.
Astonished Elites were wowed by a selection of Tipsy Tuna (sesame vodka-marinated Ahi
tuna crudo, seasoned with cilantro, basil & radish with spiked cucumber
water and frozen wasabi sabayon); Butter Salad (butter lettuce, heirloom tomatoes,
cilantro-sherry vinaigrette with chili-toasted coconut); Twisted Sisters
(hand-rolled strigoli pasta with crookneck squash, asparagus, garlic & wild
arugula, glazed with a buttery truffle reggiano broth); South Side Short Ribs
(slow-braised Wagyu with forest mushrooms, Dutch potatoes, asparagus &
garlic-spiced Vidalia onion rings, and mesquite bourbon glaze); Lured By Swordfish
(pan-roasted swordfish, lobster tater tots, fennel, endive and snap pea
fricassee, and saffron citrus sauce); Samurai Tuna (rice cracker-crusted tuna, long
beans & toasted shishito pepper, Mandarin laced soba noodles, and
yuzu-pomegranate butter); and Lobster Apicius and Lobster Trap Truffle Mac & Cheese
(Florida Lobster Tails with citrus & garlic Gulf shrimp, Roma tomatoes,
asparagus, and citrium brown butter). As if that wasn’t enough, dessert options
in the form of ‘Cheeseboard’ cheesecake and Giant Cotton Candy ended the
evening on a delectably sweet note.


As delicious as the food was, it wasn’t the only
scene-stealer. Luscious lounge areas, relaxing outdoor space and fanciful
formal dining seating all competed for the rapt attention of the lucky guests.
Fearless photog Alex H snapped all the pics you can catch here. Grateful Elites
penned their descriptive details here. When the options are to go big or go
home… go to Barton G. Lesson learned.



Johnny T