NCSD Elites Delightfully Dine For Charity At Solace & The Moonlight Lounge

North County Yelp's lucky Elites were invited for Yelp's Dinner With The Chef At Solace and The Moonlight Lounge. This special supper supported They Say It's Your Birthday, a local charity who throws parties for children in the foster care system. NCSD Elite's were thrilled to feast for this worthy cause. The tables were set, libations were poured and Chef Matt Gordon cooked up five menu choices for each attendee course by course: Read on for the delicious details. 


Elites sat in assigned seating with customized place settings from Plenty Of Petals and their gushing CM, Trish S. Each special spot was spruced with a mini sustainable potted succulent, those coveted Elite socks, the night's menu and drink specials, and a custom print out of a recent Yelp review from that particular Elite. Local love abounded as the squad was motivated by seeing their work in print and acknowledged! The squad shared recent experiences and what it means to really be Yelp Elite.


Chef Matt Gordon is a culinary SD Icon, and Elites were ecstatic at the chance to taste a combination of his standby staples and new creations. We started with the Cheddar 'n' Chive Biscuits, served with orange honey
garlic butter. The second course prompts a new obsession, the PEI Mussels
with that amazing Smoked Tomato Butter
. Right on it's heels came the
Famous Watermelon Salad (The first time they've served it this year,
lucky us!) made with arugula, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, currants, pine
nuts, feta,basil, mint, and a pomegranate vinaigrette.

Our entrees were presented with flare and perfect service from the staff. Choices ranged from the unbelievably tender Beef Cheeks, the sweet
Sock-eyed Salmon, or the Duck Breast with that hint of orange
. Each full
plate was filled with corn fritters and seasonal veggies. Dessert was perfection incarnate in the form of the Coconut Cake. Just the right amount of spice and sweet! The NCSD squad is greatly anticipating the opening of Sea & Smoke, Chef Matt's newest venture set to open in the next few months in Del Mar.
The NCSD Yelp Elite Squad will probably be pounding down the door!


Six savvy selections graced the drink menu, and Elites had their choice all night long. Served swiftly by Solace's super staff, no one was ever parched. We choose from the Italian Summer cocktail (New Amsterdam Gin + Lillet
Red + Cocchi Sweet Vermouth + House made Hibiscus-Cherry Bitters + Lemon
Peel), the Cali Vesper (New Amsterdam Vodka + White Peach Puree +
Lillet Rose + Brut Rose
) wine choices consisted of the Laguna Chardonnay
from the Russian River Valley and the Bran Caia Sangiovese/Cab/Merlot
from Tuscany. Beer selections included the Mucho Aloha Hawaiian style pale ale and the Double Shaka.


It was all about the kids! The generosity of the venue and Yelper's helped raise over 500.00 dollars for the local organisations "They Say It's Your Birthday." Our thanks to representatives Kim and Nicole from the board of directors for coming out to speak on the needs of foster children in the San Diego area. For more information, visit their website. Special thanks to intern Jocelyn R & Super Elite Angelo F for photo support. Event news explodes on the Elite Event Page with 5-star reviews, on our FB, Twitter, Flicker, and even on Pinterest. Follow us and find out why it's neat to be Elite!

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My heartfelt thanks! Cheers!

Trish S

NCSD Community Manager