It’s a business, it’s a service, it’s a place, it’s….on Yelp!

Last week the Washington Post highlighted some of the strangest listings on Yelp
– from prisons to bus routes – and it got us to thinking about all of
the different types of experiences people are eager to share on Yelp.
Sure, many turn to the site to find and/or review a great meal,
trustworthy locksmith or fabulous day spa, but people can also use Yelp
to discover and discuss a city’s quirkier side. The Local Flavor category highlights some of the wackier listings that make any city unique – like this, ahem, “interesting” fountain in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village.

celebrate the vast variety of content that Yelpers are contributing to
the site, we rounded up some of the more unusual business listings:

  • During the San Francisco 1906 earthquake, The Little Giant Fire Hydrant
    saved a portion of the city and is now commemorated with a fresh coat
    of gold paint every year and a shiny 5 star average on Yelp!


Photo courtesy of Kevin Y.

  • Complete with its own moat and 80 stone sphinxes, the Gold Pyramid of Wadsworth, Illinois doubles as one lucky family’s home.
  • We
    give a thumbs up to Marseilles, the oldest city in France. Yelpers are
    giving a thumbs up to this giant statue of Caesar’s (drumroll, please) thumb.
  • Beaches
    aren’t the only thing people are reviewing in the beautiful Australian
    town of Bondi. They’re also taking the time to share their thoughts on a big rock.
  • From a distance, it’s a beautiful home in Louisville, KY. Up close, it’s just a single wall and a door to nowhere. Totally normal.


Photo courtesy of Ellie B.

  • Meanwhile,
    in Georgia, locals are reviewing their own local landmark. As Rachel C.
    puts it, “Directions to anything in Marietta, Georgia always start or
    end with ‘
    Turn at The Big Chicken.’”
  • In the mood for a pick-me-up? A stranger refills this shoebox in Cologne, Germany, with free gifts for any curious passerby willing to take a look.
  • New Jersey Yelpers have set out to make sure that no local gem is left unreviewed, not even this (four star rated!) hole in the wall.

From bat caves to odd statues,
locals really do know best when it comes to their town, and we couldn’t
be happier that they’re sharing those hidden gems on Yelp. With over
102 million monthly unique visitors*, Yelp has proven to be the place to
go to discover and share the good, the great and the slightly kooky
elements of local communities. Keep that local flavor coming, Yelpers!

*monthly average in Q1 2013 according to Google Analytics