Elite Event: Brisbane’s Flower Potluck

Inspired by Kinfolk Magazine, the Brisbane Yelp Elite Squad were treated to their very own Flower Potluck on Wednesday evening as they gathered under the fairy lights in The Box's outdoor courtyard. 

Each guest was encouraged to bring their own blooms or foliage to add to the 'potluck' – there were gladioli, gerbras, a stunning hydrangea from Sam S and James H upped the anti bringing beets and dutch carrots (you should definitely check out the bouquet Bec from Flowers In Hand crafted it into). 

With a tropical mural by Frank & Mimi overlooking the floral wonderland on the tables, Bec from Flowers In Hand led Yelpers through a 101 on floral arrangement before guests got to try their hand at their own bouquet. 

The result was a sea of colour with crisp green Crysanthemums, purple irises and pink carnations washing over the tables as floral creations were made. 

With appetites worked up, Yelpers sampled the decadent goat pies from The Goat Pie Guy and washed them down with what many consider Brisbane's best hot chocolates from Bunker Coffee. Sweet tooths were satisfied with Sol Bread's range of raw and vegan cakes including chocolate hazelenut and pumpkin pie. 

It was a truly exceptional evening made possible thanks to The Box, Flowers In Hand, Bunker Chocolate, The Goat Pie Guy and Sol Breads. Special thanks also to Andrew Watt Photography for capturing the evening on (digital) film. 

Don't forget to check out the reviews, take a peek at the photos and find out why it is neat to be Elite.

Until next time…SYOY

Lani P.