Yelp Singapore Shucks Up, And Has Dessert

Singapore – Orchard Central was hit by a wave of racuous Yelp Elites as they rocked a super-secret-super-special-TWO-IN-ONE Elite event last Tuesday night! In honour of Yelp's half-year anniversary in our little tropical paradise, The Elite squad – new faces and all – met at Tanuki Raw where we were treated to the menu's unique blend of American diner food with Asian flavours!Tanuki1Ever had an American roll? It's better described as a cheeseburger sushi, wrapped in rice, and deep-fried, tempura style. Add to that a spicy fish taco, and a cheesesteak in a steamed bao bun… Genius, we cried! We washed those babies down with martinis overlooking the bustling streets, and you think you'd be set for the night.

But wait… there's more! Michelle M downed her classy cocktail, pinkie up and all, but was "whisked away to the next double secret location, where we all figured that we must've died somehow since we ended up at Seventh Heaven and were served copious amounts of ice cream in cupcake trays! It didn't stop there- we were also served ice cream with waffles, ice cream with pancakes, and ice cream cake slices the size of our faces!"

Julian C had a great experience at his "first ever Yelp gathering and will definitely be back for more. Really think it was a great idea to go for dessert (thanks Marcus for convincing me to stay) as it was easier to talk and mingle over a long table full of ice cream to share."

Many many thanks to Howard and the crew and Tanuki Raw for tasty bites and boozy beverages, and also to Greg, Rene, and Jason of Seventh Heaven for the delectable desserts, not to mention making us feel like rockstars with those awesome membership cards… you know we'll be back. Gus and Seb of Pixelmusica were back to supply these gorgeous snaps, and of course, don't forget to check out all the reviews here!

You snooze you lose (yes, here's a picture of me commandeering a waffle),

Snapshot 4:4:13 12:50 AM-2

Marcus L

Singapore CM