Yelp Fits The Bill

Yelp Elite Events – delicious food, tasty drinks, cool Yelpers, and great local businesses. These events have it all, but this event was missing a very key ingredient… alcohol. *Record scratch* Whaaaa? 

That's right, Yelp Fits The Bill at Fitlife Foods was the first Elite event in Tampa Bay without one drop of beer, wine, or liquor. So the night better have been really rad then, right? Well… it's time to testify, because there's a lot of gushing ahead! But first, if you like the photos you see below, here are some more! And how did those pictures turn out so gorgeously? That's because of we're the luckiest community on Yelp to have Gerardo Luna turn our memories into magic.

The evening began with Yelpers being greeted by the incredible and friendly staff at Fitlife. They walked the guests through what Fitlife offers in terms of the healthy meals and wellness coaching. Eventually we made our way to the brand new culinary center in the back, where food as we know it was changed forever… just ask Acelyn B. "Very cool setup where we were able to walk into the back kitchen and see the chefs preparing samples for us at different stations. The chefs were all friendly, ready to explain what they were cooking or just to strike up a nice conversation. It's one of those things where you can tell they love their job and are proud to be cooking for Fitlife." You won't get an argument out of Shauna E when it comes to the feedback of the night. "I like to cook a lot, but I can totally see how this concept would be beneficial for someone trying to cut processed food from their life, without being super handy in the kitchen. The prices seem no more, and usually less, than your typical fast food joint without the risk of heart disease or a bulging waistline." Well, normally the bulging waistline foods taste better, but Fitlife was able to change that perception. 

So let's reminisce about that food, shall we? Get us started, Christina C? "In terms of the food, my favorites would have to be the chicken meatballs, the snickerdoodles, and the brownies. My fiance would not stop raving about the beef and the chili lime sauce. However, the snickerdoodles were like crack to me.  If I had a plate of them, I would not be able to stop eating." Want to continue this low-fat gravy train of compliments, Rachel H? "Every employee was sweet and accommodating, taking the time to explain in detail each ingredient and the process used to give each dish extra chutzpah with undetectable veggies. Plums in brownies, carrots in the cheese sauce, cauliflower in the spinach dip… I mean really, everything was excellent. I did try the carrot cake and it was phenomenal. Thank goodness they emphasize portion control or I would have eaten the whole tray. So good."

My jaw is still detached from the rest of my face, after learning that the mashed potatoes were made from cauliflower. The icing on the proverbial cake, were things that Rachel hit on – plums in the brownies and carrots in the cheese dip. Maybe I'm a simple mind… but these chefs are like scientists! I bet they could build a low-carb rocket ship if you gave them enough time. Not only are the people at Fitlife pure genius, but they poured their heart and soul into this event… as evidenced by the giant Yelp chalk-art on the wall as we walked in. Numerous employees in the company made the trip out to this location so that they could make sure that the night would go as smoothly as possible. There's nothing like working with a small business, that operates as efficiently as a giant corporation. So to the good folks of Fitlife, I thank you for doing it right.

Brett N

Yelp Tampa Bay Community Manager