We’re From Yelp, and We’re Here to Help

What happens when you put social media savvy business owners on stage with outspoken members of the Yelp Elite squad and hand them an open mic? You may have a chance to find out because we’re bringing our Yelp Town Hall tour to more than 20 cities this year.

In the last four months, we visited nine major metros, from Honolulu to Philadelphia, with hundreds of local businesses participating in our interactive workshops designed to answer the burning question, “What do I need to know to thrive in the world of online reviews?” Each event includes a live discussion with business owners who successfully use Yelp to market themselves, Yelp Elites (who are some of the most prolific reviewers in their local community) and members of Yelp’s Business Outreach team. Our goal is to create an open forum in each city we visit where business owners can network and learn directly from their peers.

According to attendees we surveyed, we’re achieving our goal with 72% of respondents saying they learned 1-3 new skills to manage their business listing and reputation on Yelp. Beyond that, we asked what were the most useful takeaways from the events. 46% of attendees surveyed said that the tips on responding to negative reviews were useful, while 41% said that the discussion around Yelp’s automated review filter was useful.

Some of the cities we’ll be visiting soon include: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, and Vancouver. Stay tuned for more info, or join one of our live webinars, which you can sign up for here.