Yelpers Taste Weird, Wacky And Wonderful Wines At Vine Arts

“Who ever thought Brazil made wines?! And Austria? How about sparkling red wines? Or a white Pinot Noir?!” exclaimed Sabahat N.

On Thursday eve, a small group of Yelp Calgary Elites were toured through a world of Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Wines at Vine Arts by sommelier and co-owner, Jesse Willis. Seated in the private tasting room at the front of this new wine, spirits and beer boutique store, Elites were exposed to a half dozen different wines of less common grape varieties and countries.

“I loved the area at the front of the shop, which showcased a massive wooden table reclaimed from a pool table and a large barrel. It was a small space that allowed us to get to know some of our fellow Yelpers better,” concluded Stacy A.

Wines sampled included the NV Pronto Lambrusco Dell’Emilia IGT from Romagna, Italy; 2010 Ghosthill Cellars Pinot Noir Blanc from Oregon, USA; 2010 Rabl Gruner Veltliner Kamptal Reserve from Austria; 2011 Carlin de Paolo Grignolino from Piemonte, Italy; 2010 Miolo Tannat from Campanha, Brazil; and Chateau d’Orignac Pineau des Charentes from Cognac France.

The choice wines for Danelle W “were the white wine from Austria (the lingering taste was completely different from drinking the wine itself), both reds and the cognac. I purchased a bottle of the Brazilian red and the cognac to take home. Nom!”

Kent V is “more of a beer drinker,” but he left “appreciating [wine] just a little bit more. Would I be able to have a discussion about wine with my connoisseur friends? Probably not. But I'll at least be able to drink it and appreciate it, and not chug it just to get drunk.”

Bruce G also " found the Brazilian Miolo Tannat hit an excellent balance between sweet/dry and light/heavy. It was my choice of accompaniment for the delectable charcuterie tray" that topped off our evening from Taste!

Tiffany N sums up the tone of the tasting: “Our host,
Jesse, did an excellent job explaining each wine to us without delving
in to the Forest of Pretentiousness. Yes, there were moments of waxing
wine geekery, but I chalked that up to the simple fact that this is a
man that loves what he does and is overflowing with it.”

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A special thanks to Brittany M for taking our party photos!

See you at the next one!

Wendy P
Sr Community Manager
Yelp Calgary