Yelp Cruises to MangoSeed!

If you know Brooklyn, you know that if you venture down Flatbush Avenue, you can find some quality Caribbean cuisine. But if you don't know about MangoSeed, then you don't know there's a stylish and sexy spot with not only amazing eats, but the finest and friendliest of service as well. (If you don't know, now you know.)

Last night, the Brooklyn Yelp Elite were treated to a taste of MangoSeed's magnificent menu. It seemed like the whole neighborhood turned out for the party, but the concerns about crowding were forgotten as soon as the food started flowing. From the first bite of guacamole (artfully arranged on plantain chips) to dessert, the food was stunning. Juicy jerk chicken sliders. Braised oxtail and gnocchi. The incomparable Flatbush Ave Wings. Coconut crusted chicken and mashed potatoes. The sumptuous seabass soup. The jerk salmon (that brought the HEAT!). It was all amazing.

The staff started everyone off with a jello shot (who's going to turn down a jello shot?!), and from there everyone was satisfied sipping on Starr African Rum cocktails like the Hibiscus Rum-a-Rita. The smooth rum hailing from Mauritius in the beautiful red bottles went down easy, and the pairing was perfect. Like Sherri F says, "MangoSeed totally showed me that my hood does have some cool things going on. Super friendly staff, stiff drinks, great music, a sweet outdoor space and delicious food – all right around the corner."

A massive shout-out to LaLa, Jermaine, Stano, Camille and the rest of the staff at MangoSeed for showing us a great time and welcoming us in. If you live in the area (and I know a lot of you do), holler at me when you're headed back and we'll get down with some jerk wings!

Whether or not you made it out, make sure to check out all the reviews of the event, the photos from Melanie Fidler, and what folks are sayingThanks to all for making a Wednesday night so special!

Peter D & The Yelp NYC Team
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