Sweet Chick’s Stunning Brooklyn Brunch: A Preview

C1On Saturday afternoon, a lucky few of Brooklyn's finest yelpers headed over to North 8th & Bedford for a first look at what's soon to take its place atop the list of Brooklyn's premier brunches. Welcomed in with fresh watermelon mimosas, bellinis, and the thick-cut bacon (cured and smoked in house for over a week!) bloody marys, it was bound to be the perfect St. Paddy's weekend kickoff. Don't get it twisted though, despite Cin's excellent beverage program, Sweet Chick is all about the food.

Perfect pastries. Smoked pork hash. Black bean cake & scramble. The finest fried chicken and waffles. Astonishingly good shrimp and grits.  Sweet Chick's got everything you ever wanted to eat after a long night out, not to mention mac & cheese on the side and a staff that knows how to accommodate. I don't like to toss terms like food porn around willy-nilly, but a glance at the grits makes me feel downright dirty. This Southern-influenced, carefully-cooked cuisine is LEGIT. Randy knows his business, and it's consistently making simple food shine. 

You've probably already heard that the free range fried chicken they specialize in is impossibly crispy, and outrageously flavorful. But it's clear that the kitchen's expertise extends to other items as well. Both the rich smoked pork hash and the shrimp & grits were topped with a perfectly poached egg, the mac & cheese is the epitome of decadence, and there's a pastry chef down in the basement doing absurd things with sticky buns (again with the food porn). 

The only possible downside of food this fantastic, is that they aren't opening the doors for brunch for another couple of weeks. In the meantime though, Sweet Chick is definitely doing dinner (6-11 or midnight most nights), but they are shooting for an Easter opening for brunch. Get there however you have to, because you've got to check it out. 

A massive shout-out to John, Sam, Cin, Jose and the rest of the staff at Sweet Chick for showing us a great time and welcoming us in. Even if you don't live in the hood, hop on the L and go check the Chick out! And whether or not you made it out, make sure to check out all the reviews of the event, the photos from our very own Ron C, and what folks are saying. 

Thanks to all for making a Saturday afternoon so sweet! Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way.

Peter D & The Yelp NYC Team

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