LA West Elite Event: Gourmet Grub at Fleming’s

Beverly Hills is known for being over the top, and the recent LA West Elite event at the new Fleming's of Beverly Hills was exactly that. The space is modern with dim lighting and warm wood tones. This sit down dinner gave elites the chance to mingle and meet fellow yelpers in their community in the private room upstairs.

After choosing a place to seat, guests were greeted with an endless supply of wine or any cocktail of their choice. Katie H shares, "The food was amazeballs. We started with bread – warm and soft, with roasted red
pepper spread and garlic butter." It was so hard not to eat all of it!

Guests had the choice of a wedge salad with perfectly crisp bacon or french onion soup. Tara C loved her salad: "My wedge salad was a work of art. They
gave me a huge wedge of lettuce, a strip of sweet, crisp bacon, a slice
of a mild blue cheese, a scattering of grape tomatoes and sunflower
seeds, some beautiful fried, brown onions, and topped with a creamy blue
cheese. It was quite pretty!" Julie H opted for the soup, "I chose the French onion soup to start and it was delicious! It was
toasted with a nice layer of gooey, melty, cheese – but not such a thick
layer that it was difficult to eat. Loved the broth! Sometimes French onion soup can be a little too filling – but this was just right!"


Entrees had everyone on the edge of their seat! Char L shares, "The lobster tail was just stunning. It definitely
made a statement about how special this event was. The filet mignon was
cooked very well, probably more of a medium rare instead of a medium,
but hey I didn't mind  because it was tender, juicy, and delicious.
Loved the creamed spinach and potatoes as well. I'm so going to order
those potatoes next time I'm at Flemings!"


It didn't stop there. Tara C gushes, "Dessert continued to impress. I have to add that my whole table ordered
tea at this point and our servers were awesome. The dessert platter
blew us all away. Some of us loved the cheesecake, which was barely
sweet and so decadent. The creme brulee seduced others, with its fresh
fruit on top.  My personal fave was the "almond souffle" (according to
our server). I loved the light texture and the flavor was amazing. My
whole table was blown away by the delights." 


Travis I (who was kind enough to share these beautiful photos) sums it up, "This event was a success multiplied by awesome sauce and taken to the
pimpteenth degree. YES, YES, YES!! Sitting up in the VIP room, chowing
down on a complimentary three-course steak and lobster dinner (a final,
death row meal for many, for crying out loud), meeting cool new people,
and seeing some friendly, familiar faces… Phew! It's just too awesome
for words. So, I won't waste any more of time with words."

Until next time,

Brittany B

LA West Senior Community Manager