Yelp Singapore Gets A Sweet Overdoughs!

Nothing stands in between the Yelp Singapore Elite and having a good ol' time at our second Yelp Elite Event! Not even when the skies bless us abundantly with rain… No matter, Roxanne and Bjorn – our rockstar hosts and owners of Overdoughs – put us in good cheer with a SUPER DUPER spread of Middle-Eastern-inspired sweets for our Elites and guests!OD1

When I say super duper, I mean belly-busting super duper, including six types of baklava (have you ever tried a chocloate one!?) and five kinds of tarts, of which I must name all so they get equal acclaim: Soursop Meringue, Snickers, Chocolate Mint, and two Chinese-New-Year-inspired ones: Roasted Pineapple and Mango+Pomelo… can you say too much? And I haven't even mentioned the off-the-menu Birthday Surprise Bacon Donut that came out just in time to celebrate Cindy Q's mammoth birthday week! Yes. Bacon. Donut. Even the lovely Laura D came all the way from Perth to grab a bite of this monster!OD6

If all that felt like it would give you a toothache, our hosts cleverly supplied us with a palate-refreshing Mint+Basil lemonade (house-made, of course), and Chef Bjorn surprised us mid-way with a savoury treat – a trio of Oyster Dip, Shredded Duck Sultan and House-cured Haloumi with Heirloom tomatoes. That got everyone to loosen their belts a little. Or a lot.


Thanks again to Roxanne and Bjorn of Overdoughs for the amaaaaaazing spread, and they even let us take treats home to share with our sweethearts! Jia Ming of Pixelmusica was on hand to capture great snaps of as well, and if you're curious, check them out here. Elites, share your reviews right here, and when you're done, I'll see you at the gym to work off those calories… until the next Elite Event!



Marcus L

Singapore CM