Yelp Miami Takes It To The Streets!

Yes, we know. 'Miami.' Neon. Expensive clubs. Velvet Ropes. We get it. But, we also know that there's another side to the Magic City. A 'realer' side. A 'rawer' side. Some might even describe it as 'street.' And, by 'some,' we mean over 1600 invited guests who made it to Wynwood's rising star — the Bakehouse Art Complex — to enjoy Yelp Miami's biggest event ever: Yelp's Streetopia. Forgetting the glitz, this event was all about art that comes from the people, music that makes you want to
dance, food that comes from the heart (and trucks), drinks that come in
cups, and clothes that don't restrict movement.


What’s a street party without eats? We couldn’t tell ya, because there was food as far as the eye can see. And, not just foodamazing food. How could there not have been? With restos like NoVe, Reggae Tacos, The Filling Station, Ms. Cheezious, Zen Sai, The Special, Sweetness Bake Shop, Ali's Sweet Treats, Giardino Gourmet Salads, Los Verdes, Crepe Maker, Inspired Events, Pincho Factory, Crave, The Fish House, HipPOPS, The Pastry Shop – Magic City Chefs, Machiya, Rice House of Kabob, and Happy Wine doling out plate, bowl and cup full of their mouth-watering fare, attendees were left looking for beds to sleep off their food babies.


Beds, no. Libations, yes, yes, 1000 times, yes! Whether one had a taste
for beer, hankering for wine, a longing for spirits, a need for coffee,
or a passion for TEA-totaling (ha!), no thirst was left unquenched. Boba Station, Panther Coffee, Samuel Adams, Hatuey, Robeks, Zico, Red Bull, Steep City Teas, Carib Beer, Piedra Azul tequila, Spicebox Whisky (Rye and Cinnamon), Brugal Rum, Mandarine Napoleon & Gran Sierpe Pisco, courtesy of The Workshop Collective, Streetopia Beer Garden sponsored by Sprung/Grovetoberfest featuring Duvel Belgiam, Schnebly Miami Brewing Big Rod Ale, Czechvar Czechoslovakia & Red Hook Winterhook, Miami Cocktail Company, and Cafeina served up raw emotion (aka cheer) by the gulp and invitees were gleeful for it.


Food & drink are essentials but what makes a street party is the party. Reyes Family Cigars lit the way to fun. Party People MiamiDJs4u kept a tight flow all night long as the beauties from the Black Tape Project captivated eyes and made people rethink that fifth cupcake. Blo Blow Dry Bar (Midtown) and Tiger Direct added to the beauty of the evening by making sure hair was did and likenesses were caricatured. Beauty seen was matched by beauty moved. The dance geniuses of Illmatik Phlow, Adrian Sunshine, Perform Studio, and Focal Point Dance Studio entertained the crowds and inspired movement. Alsco Linens dressed the venue up while Miami Shine Cleaners kept it all together.


Guests raised over $3000 for the efforts of the Bakehouse Art Complex, proving that what's brought to the street isn't left there. SociallyBuzz was on hand to make sure that guests remembered everything via the computerized word but for those who are fans of visual media, the event had you covered. Ace photog Alex H snapped candids, while Capture Pod took portraits. The cool kids of YouCeleb ensured that the step & repeat stayed hot and Pabelona Studios commemorated the evening in video magic. Need more? Find there reviews here. 2013 is just getting started. If you thought this was hot, stay tuned for what's next. Get ready.


Oh, and here's that video:




Johnny T