PDXYep Broc’s Out @ Veggie Grill Hillsboro!

Way out west, over the hills and through the woods, a solid group of 50+ PDXYelpers made the trek to Veggie Grill Hillsboro on Tuesday, 1/21/13, for an evening of tasty vegan fare, eminently quaffable beverages and superb hospitality at Yelp’s Veggin’ Out 3.0!

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It all started out, as Michelle C puts it, as “a nice and easy event that really amounted to being able to fully try out a new place (for me, at least) on the house.” Yelpers were invited to drop in with a guest and sample anything off the menu. Yup, you heard that right. Anything. Patti F notes “it was exciting to hear the yummy sounds from the carnivores, especially their surprised exclamations that ‘this is VEGAN?‘” as they munched down on everything from kale salads to chicken plates to burgers. Tasty stuff? “Just saying I was impressed would be an understatement,” exclaims Christopher K. “The Chickin’ plate was excellent — a great visual presentation. The “chickin'” was crispy and flavorful, and most people (especially fast food eaters) would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and a regular chicken breast, say, in a sandwich. It was really good, and the savory mushroom rosemary gravy made it even better.” That sentiment echoed through this hip westside vegan eatery. Regardless of what you had, as Dan N notes, “The meal was fantastic. And surprisingly filling!” Veggie Grill you’ve done it again. 

Thanks are in huge order to Ed, Filiberto and the whole crew at Veggie Grill. The third time is definitely a charm. Also big ups to Mantern Kevin K, and of course the Yelp Elite Squad, without whom this would not be possible. Have you reviewed the event yet? Why the heck not?! Oh, there are photos too. And if you’re feeling it, consider checking out our 100 Yelps Challenge for 2013

Until next time, keep it green.

Don “King Kale” B