Indy’s Peace, Love + Yelp!

Yelp Indy started off the year barefooted and in our grooviest tie dye! Downtown's Rhythm Discovery Center percussive arts musueum opened its doors with extended hours for 60 of Indy's finest elites. The evening featured six local businesses offering the tastiest of vegetarian delights ranging from hemp brownies to vegan mango ginger popsicles.

Raechel H described the Center as "a real feast for the senses, particularly for the inner
child in us all.
The Rhythm Discovery Center was a blast to hang out in!
We had so many groovy vendors, some fab swag, and so many percussion
instruments to cause an ADD epidemic. More cowbell!"

Yelpers started their Birk-clad trot around the museum off with a freshly squeezed juice cocktail (lime, orange, agave) by local favorite Natural Born Juicers paired with Glazer's Tres Agaves and rum punch using the-oh-so-tasty DonQ.


Nibbles and noshes were placed throughout the Center for elites to conveniently chow and drum simultaneously. Movable Feast shared some of their tasty brownies and green chile bites while Good Earth Natural Foods handed out insence, trail mixes, granola and hemp brownies. Pretty rad, right? Sobro Cafe will definitely be seeing Sharon R "at some point,
tempeh over brown rice with a super smooth peanut sauce that I can't
seem to stop talking about
, and zucchini wraps. Yum." And for one more guilt-free sweet, Nicey Treat tickled yelpers taste buds with their vegan mango ginger popsicles – who said these icy delectables should be reserved for summertime?!

The cherry on top for the evening? Being led by the Center's drum circle-meister, Heath, for a communal drum banging sesh. Wendy S had more fun "than law should allow! I got to bang a drum, clang
cymbals together, listen to giant wind chimes, play a zylophone, and
many other rhythm-related things."


A ginormous "thank you!" to Rhythm for graciously hosting the event and the fabulous businesses who rolled out the red carpet veggie-style!

Until we meet again groovy yelpers, read all of the detailed reviews here. Peruse the fine photos on Flickr taken by Solar Flare Photography, and scheme to become Elite before 2013 ends!  

See You On Yelp (SYOY!),

Brittany S (pictured with Tiffany N)

Yelp Indy Community Manager