Yelp’s Brisbane Alfred & Constance Private Dinner

Last night, ten of Yelp Brisbane's Elite Squad were treated to a private dinner in Alfred & Constance's Black Room dining on samples of the restaurant's upcoming new menu. 

He did it once with Limes Hotel, and Damian Griffiths has done it again with Alfred & Constance. This bar, cafe, and tiki bar brings two Queenslander houses together and makes for one helluva time. Trust us when we say: Brisbane's seen nothing like it yet.

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In the Black Room, just one nook of the entire space, we shared the table with A&C's Patron Chef Jocelyn Hancock, and gleefully sampled a personal selection of Jocelyn's best menu creations including lamb cutlets with an anchovy mayonnaise, pulled pork with a bone marrow and red wine jus, a fresh and clean tasting labna and pea salad and my personal favourite: the Moreton Bay Bugs. 

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Like Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer (yes I'm putting her in that upper eschalon), Jocelyn is genuinely passionate about food, and not just any food, high quality and locally produced food. She was the mastermind behind Jocelyn's Provisions and has worked as a pastry chef in Brisbane, London and Paris. She's even been head pastry chef for one Stephanie Alexander. 

Growing up on her family's farm in Killarney, west of Brisbane, she developed a strong appreciation of good food which is seen throughout her direction and input to Alfred & Constance's menu. As their patron chef she oversess the sourcing of the produce, setting the menu and the creative direction of it all. 

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She told us, "We want to have a select handfull of people we can source our produce from. An intimate connection from paddock to plate with as little handling as possible in the process."

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Lani P.  

Yelp Brisbane Community Manager